KT and the Librarian

A while back, KT came across a list of great books you should read before you go to college or die or some great landmark like that.  Being KT, she decided that she would read the titles on her list.  Many of them we already had in our bookshelves, but she insisted that she had to get all of them. 

She stopped in at her school library and selected a few books from her list.  I don’t recall what they were, but it was from the ilk of Hemmingway, Falkner and Bronte…you know, some of the good stuff.   The librarian apparently looked over her glasses at our girl and gently sighed.  She then proceeded to try to talk KT out of the selected books.  She was sure that those books were simply too much for her to handle. 

KT, of course, was highly insulted.  She is very proud to be a straight A honor student and feels pretty confident with her reading skills.   KT couldn’t imagine why a librarian would have books on her shelves that would be inappropriate for her to read.  She politely persisted and came home with those books in tow.  She had also decided that she didn’t trust nor even like that librarian.

Now granted, some of those books are above KT’s comprehension level.  She doesn’t quite grasp all the symbolism within the covers, but she will get there and for now they are just good stories.  We have always encouraged our girls to read anything and everything without censorship.  I almost always get the synopsis of the story as they are reading it and am often asked to read the book as well. (I love that they get so excited and want to share with me)  

Today at school, KT saw one of her friends reading a book from the newly formed after-school book club.  She mentioned that she had wanted to join, but kept forgetting about it.  Her friend immediately jumped up and went to talk to one of the librarians about it.  the one that she had talked to was that librarian.  She gave KT a copy of the book and told her that she probably wouldn’t be able to finish it as she only had two days, but that she was welcome to try. 

Now for many kids, that would be that and they wouldn’t even bother to try.  KT of course, took it as a challenge.  Despite her heavy homework load (she’s working like crazy on a huge research project among other things) I can guarantee that KT will finish that book. 

Just because that narrow minded woman told her she wouldn’t be able to….  That’s my girl!

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