Of COURSE we recyle!

You may not be aware of it, but Washington is the everGREEN state. You may have heard our state referred to as the home of the environmentally-aware-tree-huggers.  If you are even considering visiting here you have to be prepared to sign an agreement that you will recycle everything possible.  Heck, even SeaTac has the Green Patrol out in force to make sure that nobody gets off their plane without knowing the rules. 

From the earliest age possible children are indoctrinated with the urge to recycle.  Every home has a bin delivered by Waste Management.  We are expected to fill these bins with the tiniest little scrap of anything recyclable.  And goodness help you if you get lazy and just toss it in the trash.  Big Brother and all those little children are watching.  I once had a friend who didn’t heed the warnings. I think she lives somewhere in Montana or something awful like that…I’m not really sure as I don’t dare get caught communicating with her…

In reality, everyone is great about recycling.  It’s made so easy for us that we just all do it and feel good about ourselves for it.  A few years ago, I went on a tour with the Girl Scout troop (I told you we indoctrinate our kids!) to a recycling plant.  It was fascinating.  We got to see the enormous mountain of waste that the trucks had dumped into a huge bay.  (Mimi insisted that the cereal box nearest us had come from our house) We got to see the process of how everything was sorted out, from paper to plastics and metals.  We were there for at least an hour just gawking at everything.  Then we came back into a conference room and learned what happened to all the recyclables that we had just seen. Some things like aluminum cans were remade into other cans.  Plastics could be melted down and made into entirely new things like carpet and drainage pipes.  It really made and impression on me the kids, so everything goes in the bins. 

Recycling is an easy way to keep our world healthy and clean.  Besides it keeps the Green Patrol away and gets rid of those pesky phone books!  

Shaun Somebody couldn’t figure out why the heck I was talking about recyling.  It’s because of all the recycled phone books that we all have to deal with.  It made perfect sense to me…but obviously that doesn’t work for everyone. 

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