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 I told myself I was going to blog (almost) every day this month…just because…and I’ve almost blown it already! Fortunately for me, I’m a Night Owl so I can still get this done!

Last week, Oddmix gave me some new questions.  Here’s the answers!

1. How did you and Shaun meet. And was he already properly bald?
I met Shaun in a bar.  Isn’t that where you meet all the best guys?  (Of course it’s a bit more complicated then that, I’ll post about it later this week.)  And nope, he wasn’t bald…I’m pretty sure the kids did that to him! (Because you know it wasn’t me!)
2. What will you say when you meet KT’s first serious boyfriend?   
Oh, we’ve had that planned out for a while.  Shaun will find a filthy, sweat stained tee shirt and sit on the couch staring at the young man.  He will be sharpening our “Ninja Knife” (more of a scythe actually).  After the boy is properly intimidated, Shaun will blurt out that he wouldn’t mind going back to prison if his little girl ever got hurt in any way, shape or form.  Do you think it will work?
3. Did you ever get your gutters cleaned?
Gutters? Are you talking about my roof cleaning adventure?  Shouldn’t you be more concerned about how well my nose that I nearly ripped off healed????   It’s fine thank you …you can barely notice the big chunk that was torn out of it and is probably still on the roof some where! 😀
4. Do you like living in the great North Wet? And would you choose to move there again if given a choice?
I love living here.  Yes, I absolutely would move here again.  (I was given a choice the first time)  Shaun wants to move to AZ or NM someday.  I just tell him to enjoy himself because I’m not going.  Although I’m open to Rving around the countryside some day…
And now for the long awaited questions!
Pink Ginger:
1. Where did you name come from?
2. Favorite song of all time and why.
3. Who is your hero?
4. What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up and the last thing you do at night before bed?
5. They say everyone has a bar trick. What’s yours?
1. What would your dream job be?
2. Which Disney Princess would you be and why?
3. What are your hopes and dreams for the Little One?
4. Favorite animal?
5. Describe the perfect man.

1. 1. What would your Super Power be?
2. How did you get into knitting anyways?
3.  If you could live in another era, what would it be?
4. You’ve just won your dream vacation…what is it
5. What will you do when you get to your Big Goal?

Kristi: Welcome!
1. Who is your 2nd choice for AI?
2. What do you adore most about your hubby?
3. Kids or no kids?
4. What’s your favorite dessert?
5. What is something about you that most people would never guess on first meeting?
1. What kind of a flower would you be and why?
2. Would you consider yourself a leader of a follower?
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
4. What advise would you give to a brand new mother?
5. Describe your perfect day.
Coffeespaz: (You’re so lucky that I’m a slow poke!)
1. What is your perfect coffee drink?
2. Is there another baby kitty in your future?
3. Given the choice, where you live?
4. Your worst habit?
5. Plop! Here’s $5000, what will you do with it?

Be sure to let me know when you’ve put your answers up.  And if you like to torture yourself, go ahead and offer to interview others.  It’s harder than you would think to come up with these…it’s entirely possible that I may have stolen borrowed some from other interviewers…

One last addition….just because I can be nice that way…and you don’t mess with a girl that hangs out with bears!


1. You have won an all expense paid photo shot, where do you go and what is your best capture?
2. Describe what happened on your alien abduction.
3. Super Model or famous athlete? Why?
4. The Voo Doo Priestess has just summoned you back to LA…what happens?
5. What would you be thrilled to see next time you glance out your window? (other than Doris and friends)

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12 Responses to Questions and Answers

  1. Lynne says:

    Oh, Susan, am I too late to play the question game? Huh, pretty please????

  2. Jay says:

    I think your plan for what to do with the first boyfriend will work. Excellent plan!

  3. Susan says:

    Lynne: Yes you are too late!! LOL But because I am feeling indulgent, I can probably come up with something silly for you!

    Jay: I’m glad you think it will work, ’cause that’s all we’ve got!

  4. Lynne says:

    Yikes, I just read my questions. HELP, I should have kept my mouth shut! I’ll have to work on that …

  5. I just saw my questions! I’ll post my answers in my blog tomorrow :o) Sorry I’m a day late!!!! Things have been CRAZY around here…cleaning for Kyrin’s party tonight and dental appointments (I had my last major cleaning today….OW) So I’ll post them tomorrow!!!!

  6. Tink says:

    My Dad used to tell my Step-sister’s boyfriends, “I have a bullet for every occasion.” She lost more suitors that way.

  7. Kell says:

    Those are awesome answers and great questions. These have been a lot of fun. I love your plan for the first boyfriend. You’re very clever.

  8. mjd says:

    Ahh, a plan to scare away the boyfriends. My husband and his brother reportedly chased their sisters boyfriends down the alley. My mother used to try to scare some of my sister’s boyfriends. When I first was dating my husband, I told my mother to leave him alone that his family was poor. That must have worked, we have been married forty years. Besides Mom really liked our Daddy D.

  9. tommiea says:

    Got my answers up… your plan to scare the boyfriends!

  10. Dorky Dad says:

    I hated cleaning my gutters. Ick. It drove me nuts. Worse: I’m afraid of heights. I can’t believe that I longed for gutters for a couple of years before buying my current house.

  11. Susan says:

    Lynne~And you KNOW I had a lot of fun coming up with those!

    Stephanie~ Have fun with that party 🙂

    Tink~ That’s the only way you can find a guy worthy of her.

    Kell~Actually, Shaun came up with it somehow…I just agreed it should work.

    MJD~ Shouldn’t she have wanted to keep the rich ones? You kept the best one though!

    Tommiea~ I’m headed over to see

    Dorky Dad~ You wanted gutters? LOL Gutters don’t faze me…it’s those slippery mossy roofs that get me

  12. Kristi says:

    My answers are up!!! Thanks!

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