Sometimes bad things happen…

Ever since the girls were tiny, I’ve made it my business to know who they were going to school with and who their close friends were.  I volunteered to be in the classrooms and on field trips as much as I possibly could.  I really got to know the kids at the school and watch them grow up. 

 At about forth or fifth grade, I started noticing some real changes in some of these kids.  No longer were they the sweet, loving children I had known for so long.  They seemed to be getting secretive and sullen.  Naively, I just chalked it up to hormones.  

 When our girls entered junior high, it seemed as though I no longer saw most of these kids anymore.  The small classrooms that I had hung out with became a huge sea of kids.  I only got to see the ones the girls would bring home.   Fortunately, our kids still talk to us and tell us what is going on.  It has often broken my heart to hear what they had to say.  One boy had picked up a habit of sticky fingers, another was experimenting with drugs.  A couple girls tried to escape the pain of life by cutting themselves and yet another started to boast of her sexual exploits.  She ended up switching schools, leaving behind a rumor that she was pregnant. 

 While we’re constantly aware and watching for things that could easily go array in our girls’ lives, one of my girlfriends was finding signs that something was wrong with her child.  This sweet little girl that I had known since first grade, that had been in my Girl Scout troop, that had one of KT’s best friends for years, was in serious trouble. 

 She had gotten involved with a different group of kids that completely accepted her.  They made it easy for her to lie to her parents.  She started experimenting with drugs and sneaking out at night to go to raves and hang out with her new friends.  When her parents found out what was going on and set boundaries, she simply ran away from home.

 Things were starting to get better.  She was doing her school work, attending AA/AN meetings…just working towards getting away from all that stuff.  Then she made a huge turn for the worse.  Her parents don’t know what to do.  They are strongly considering sending her to something like Sagewalk, a wilderness school. 

 My friend has asked me to see if anyone knows anything about this.  She would really like to find a blog from a parent view point.  Or just be able to communicate with someone that has gone though this.  So please, if you have had any experience in this, or know of someone that has, and are willing to help, please let me know.  You can email me at QueenSaraphina at gmail dot com (yeah, don’t ask…) or simply leave a comment.  Any little bit of help is more then welcome. 


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