Spies Like Us

I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of day.  Much to busy to blog…

You see, it all started when Mimi left for a day at the zoo followed by a slumber party to help celebrate her friend’s birthday.   I had been encouraging KT to invite a friend over to hang out with or whatever.  It’s rare to have time without a pesky little sister butting in all the time.  (Not that I ever minded having a pesky little brother snooping around all the time or anything)  I was really puzzled about her reluctance to call anyone.  That was until I realized that her choice of a pal was me. 

We went had a fun filled day of shopping and just messing around.  We ended it by meeting Shaun for dinner when he got out of work.    KT loved being the only child for once and simply basked in all of the attention.  On the way home, KT convinced me that we needed to stop by the video store.  She wanted to rent the series Alias.  This is a show that one of her friends had introduced her to and she wanted to see more of it.  She also wanted me to see it.   I figured that I might as well watch it as she had been telling me about it non-stop for days anyways. 

We watched this show until the wee hours of the morning.  As soon as I crawled out of bed the next morning, KT was waiting for me…we still had more to watch.  Just in case you haven’t ever seen this show, it’s about a female spy named Sydney who is constantly wearing colorful disguises or aliases in her work of beating up bad guys and defending the world from evil.  This agent also just happens to work with a handsome “handler” that KT has developed a bit of a crush on. 

After watching way too much of this show, KT has decided that when she grows up, she’s going to have an exciting life as a CIA agent.  (She’s still going to be a marine biologist too, that will just be her cover job) I’ve tried to convince her that it’s more sitting around doing surveillance and paperwork then anything else, but she’s already made up her mind. 

I have to admit that the show has started to influence my way of thinking as well.  I was driving down the road in front of the main campus of a local software company this afternoon.  There was some sort of roadwork going on in front of it.  That in itself isn’t all that unusual.  It was just the huge flashing sign that disturbed me, it seemed to be a bit overkill.  There was also the police officer that was directing traffic…don’t they usually have flaggers for road work?  I suddenly realized that he was probably using an alias…and there was nothing I could do.  Most likely some top secret research will come up missing from that software company.

Did I mention that the character Sydney’s mother was also a spy?  Hmmmmm…..

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8 Responses to Spies Like Us

  1. Lynne says:

    Did the police officer resemble Maxwell Smart? 🙂

    Here in rural New Jersey they use the police for any kind of road work instead of flaggers. I thought that very odd when we first moved here. Even if they are just out trimming trees the police direct the traffic flow.

    Now you’ll be seeing subterfuge at every turn. Have you taken to wearing a trenchcoat yet?

  2. gawilli says:

    It’s interesting that we tend to model the things we see on television. I read somewhere that after the first CSI series, the number of students wanting to be criminologists or forensic pathologist increased greatly. My friends daughter wanted to be a crime scene photographer.

    My boss, two bosses ago, could have been a spy. Or maybe and alien. Yeah, that’s it.

  3. Jay says:

    She needs to learn how to follow people. Spies always have to follow people without getting caught. She should just practice on strangers wanderin around town for now. LOL

  4. Barb says:

    I think the best part of all of it is…she just wanted to hang out with mom. That had to make you feel great! How fun to just have a girls day out!

  5. tommiea says:

    Sounds like a great day!!

  6. Tammy Taylor says:

    I actually interviewed with the CIA in the mid-80’s. It was an interesting process, but I chickened out of taking a job with the Company when some of their agents were killed in South America. The reality of what I was doing sort of slapped me in the face at that point.

  7. Susan says:

    Lynne~I don’t have the trench coat yet, but I’m looking!

    Gawilli~Isn’t is scarey how much the media influencesus? Especially the younger ones…You know, I was *sure* this show was about aliens until I actually watched it.

    Jay~folks around here are already used to us lurking around behind them…they just roll their eyes. I guess we need more practice 🙂

    Barb~that was really cool that she picked me to hang out with! ::::happpy dance::::

    Tommiea~it was…except for the mind numbing TV. We rarely ever watch that much.

    Tammy~Wow…scarey stuff. I’m counting on KT to chicken out too. I once worked with a guy who abrubtly quit to go work for the FBI. Although I still can’t imagine him doing anything other then desk work.

  8. oddmix says:

    Yeah, but Sydney’s mom was an ENEMY agent who had her tortured, brainwashed, atempted to murder her AND tried to get Sydney’s sister to do the same! A real piece of work, that. 😉

    I’m glad you and KT got to hang out. It seems to me that all your diligence and hard work in your relationships are now paying off in spades.

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