The Phone Book

When I came home today, there was an odd little package on our porch.  It was a knotted heavy white bag.  I looked at it for a moment and then simply sighed.  I knew exactly what it was. 


I suppose I should be happy to get a newly updated phone book.  All sorts of new information would now be just at the tips of my fingers.  I can’t help but feel that new phone books are a burden though.  You see, I don’t really need a phone book.  Nearly everything I want is at the tip of my fingers.  It’s called the internet… 

Still, there might be some small local spot that hasn’t managed to find it’s place on the Web.  And you are supposed to keep phonebooks.  (I think it’s in the Constitution)  There’s even an expiration date on each phone book so you know how long to keep them for.  Finding a place for a phone book isn’t really that big of a deal…until you realize just how many phone books I get. 

We are very near the county line.  As both counties want our business, they both deliver phone books to us…both the white pages and the yellow pages.  Dex has decided they want to take over the world of phone books so they deliver phone books too.  They even have a “small” phone book designed to fit in your glove box that they send out.  Then the city that we almost live in (we aren’t officially in any city) brings us a phone book.  At least that one is relatively small.  (If you ever need a job I’m pretty sure there’s big future in phone book deliveries!)


Now do you understand my quandary? How am I supposed to decide which ones to keep? Do I get rid of Dex because they the newcomers? How about the Old Guard…do they still deserve a place? Then which county do I keep? I don’t want any phone book to feel rejected.  Maybe…just maybe…this could be the year that I gently place all the freshly delivered phonebooks in the recycle bin along with the old ones.  Well…it could happen!

In the meantime, just let me know if you need a number, I’ll get it for you just as soon las I get back online….

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