Weed Whacker Woes

One of best parts  about spring is all of the amazing new growth.  I just love seeing all the flowers everywhere.  Well…other people’s flowers, I’m in charge of growing the weeds, something that I seem to be very good at.  At a certain point, those lovely weeds really need to be cut back. 

So I got out my handy-dandy weed whacker that I had gotten at the end of last summer.  I was (somewhat) happily working for a very long five minutes when the tool abruptly stopped.  As far as I could tell, the line was either stuck  or had pretty much run out.  So, I started to unscrew the little compartment that holds the line…only I couldn’t get it loose.  It didn’t matter how hard I tried or how loud I swore, it was staying stuck.  

When Shaun came home, I asked him to open it for me.  He gave me a look suggesting how pathetic I was, then went to open it. Well…ok,  it took a few days of nagging, until he tried, but we won’t mention that.  Shaun doesn’t do yard work because he very conveniently tragically has severe allergies to the Great Outdoors.  I do have to say that he risked a huge reaction even touching that weed whacker, yet all of his efforts were to no avail.  He even used tools to try to open it.  (For some odd reason that really impresses me!)

Not to be thwarted for long,  I came up with the brilliant idea to bring it back to the hardware store and ask them to fix it.  Either that, see if they would take it as a return even without a receipt or any paperwork. After all, it came from the factory like this and was clearly broken. I mentioned this to one of my girlfriends and she just laughed at me for thinking they would take the time to help me. 

Undaunted, I showed up at the customer service desk with my grubby weed whacker in tow.  The burly guy at the counter just looked at me like I was pathetic.  The he flexed his muscles and attempted to unscrew the lid.  His face had started to sweat and had turned red with exertion before he finally gave up.  In desolation, he suggested that I bring it down to “tool rentals” and they could open it for me there. 

There was a young girl at the desk in the tool rental department.  When I asked her to help me, she just looked at me in bewilderment.  A moment later, a debonair man drinking coffee glided up to us. He quietly asked the girl at the counter to get him a couple things.  In moments he had the lid unscrewed and was rewinding the line that twisted inside my weed whacker.  I just looked at him in amazement.  Then I asked him if he worked there or just hung out for fun.  He gave me a quick grin and a wink then swiftly slipped away.  Yeah, weird… 

But, at least my weed whacker is fixed and I can attack my lovely weeds.  Although I’m not really sure why I think that’s a good thing….

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