And We're Off!

For various reasons…well really just two…Shaun and I haven’t gone off on any sort of vacation with just the two of us.   That, ladies and gentlemen is about to change. 

Tomorrow morning, shortly after the Crack of Dawn (so somebody says) we will climb up into the Big Orange Jeep and go…somewhere.  That place hasn’t exactly been determined yet.  We are leaning toward the Olympic Peninsula but it’s just as likely that we will end up in Canada, Utah, Oregon or just at the Hoover Dam.  (I’ll try to let you know from the road tomorrow)

As my mother is currently in town, she has  been suckered graciously to stay with the girls for the two or three days that we will be gone.  (Please think good, helpful  thoughts towards her!)

Mom actually seems to be a little excited to spend time with the girls.  She told me all she need was our schedule for the week and the keys to the house and my car.  That was perfectly fine with me until it sunk in that she wanted to drive my car.  All I could think about was that fact that I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen my mother driving.  I hesitated to question her as the last thing I wanted to do  was offend the person caring for my children,   but I had to ask if she still had a valid license. 

She just glared at me until I handed over the keys to the MomMobile.   It should be an interesting few days…for all of us!

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