Seven Random Things

Last week I was tagged by Stephanie to do the Random Things meme.   It reminded me that I had been tagged for this a while back.  But, um….I can’t for the life of me remember WHO tagged me.   I went back and looked on the blog of who I thought it was, but couldn’t find the post.  So, I guess I’m just losing it! (Please remind me of who you are) 

Stephanie was truly random in her meme.  My dear pal _____??_____ did hers (I do remember that it was a girl!) in a theme of all the places she had lived.  I like themes.  They help to organize things and goodness knows my mind could use a little organizing!   In honor of _____??_____ I’m going to use the theme of Seven Random Jobs I’ve Had

1. My very first real job was at an Orange Julius.  A brand new shopping mall was opening up in our area and I was delighted to snag one of the jobs.  In retrospect I wish I had started out in one of the shops instead of fast food.  My only consolation was that our uniforms weren’t nearly as awful as the girls at Hotdog on a Stick directly across from us had to wear. 

2. My next job came after I had graduated from high school.  It was at at the last “American” restaurant before the Mexican border.   We had a great mix of customers ranging from fun-seeking tourists to hopeful terminal patients seeking alternative treatments and everything in between.  I had a lot of fun there.  We would work our shift then head over to Denny’s for a late night snack or head over to Tijuana for some dancing.  I don’t recall getting a lot of sleep in those days, but like I said, it it was fun!

3. My next job was at a privately owned jewelry shop.  One would think that being surrounded by beautiful pieces everyday would be every girl’s dream.  Not this girl.  The reality was that I hated it. I still don’t really understand the allure of spending thousands of dollars on some rock to wear around your neck or finger.  I was bored to tears and the snotty attitude of my coworkers really annoyed me.

4. From there I ended up in another sales job.  Not just any sales job either.  I would pile into an aging station wagon with seven other people and we would travel to Colorado or someplace and go door to door selling encyclopedias to military families.  I met a lot of really great people.  I stopped doing this shortly after our car was totaled when it was hit by a semi in a snowstorm.  It ended up being just a little too adventurous and not nearly lucrative enough for me. 

5. My major was in accounting so I was thrilled when I was offered an entry level job at a small office near my apartment.  The work force consisted of  me, the owner… and some elevator music.  I remember sitting there, playing with the numbers and feeling like all the life was being drained out of me.  I ended up quitting the job and changing my major faster than you can say “in the red”.

6. I’m not really sure how it happened, but somehow I ended up as the assistant for a stage hypnotist.  It was pretty good money for mostly just being up on stage and being cute. 

7.  I’m not really sure which funky job I should stick here in my last spot.  So I guess I’ll tell you what my very best job was.  Hmmm…I’d have to say that it was working as a waitress in a popular waterfront restaurant.  I made good money and great friends.  And I was fascinated by the handsome and witty red-headed bartender.  Eventually, I left the job, but I kept Shaun…

I’m supposed to tag seven people right now, but my brain is fried from trying to remember some of my bizarre jobs from my youth…. 

Oh! I nearly forgot to mention.  Yes, I changed my template.  It just looked cleaner and more intersting to me.  Only, I kinda sorta misplaced my lemons…  The tulips are a place holder until I decide if I want to keep changing the photo whenever I get the urge or if I should pester Shaun to help me find my missing lemons.  Opinions?

(You can see a few more tulips on my daily photoblog…which I seem to be losing intrest in)

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