The Drama Queen

When Mimi was in about second grade, she had a favorite article of clothing that she would have worn every day is we had let her.  It was a hot pink tee shirt that proudly proclaimed in sparkling letters that she was a “Drama Queen”. 

This was one shirt that nobody would ever argue with.  Mimi never gets happy, she is ecstatic.  Mere anger is never enough for her, she has to be livid.  The good thing about this is, that you always, always know where you stand with her and what her opinion is.  The bad thing is that it can be rather tiring. 

With some people, I’m pretty sure all the drama is an act.  But Mimi has been this way from day one.  I truly believe that she simply feels things more powerfully than the average person.  Which stands to reason, because Mimi is far from average. 

Last night, Mimi experienced a new emotion, very different from any she had ever felt before.  An emotion that I had hoped she wouldn’t have to deal with until years from now.  Last night…our little Mimi had her heart broken.   

Obviously she’s too young to have a boy friend (at least in our house), but that doesn’t stop her from noticing them.   Yesterday on IM, a boy that she has had a crush on told her that he was going to “ask out” one of her friends.   It was actually a lot more complicated than that, in the way that only junior high can be.  The end-result was one devastated girl. 

Mimi went to bed early and refused to eat her dinner.  I didn’t realize exactly how much she was hurting when I walked past her room and heard her heart-wrenching sobs through her closed door.   I did my best to comfort her and watched her finally drift off to sleep. 

This morning our little Drama Queen was back to her usual happy-go-lucky self.  I wasn’t sure  if she had forgotten her sorrow or if she had just gotten over it, but I wasn’t about to bring the topic up. 

Realistically, I know that this is the first of many broken hearts to come.  I can only hope that all of her broken hearts will mend this easily…

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