Our Shining Light

Everyday as I walk up or down the stairs in our home, I see the little twinkle lights that KT brought home from her ninth grade party last week.  I’m amazed at how long they have lasted.  I’m sure that KT’s memories of that fun-filled night will stay with her forever.  As I chose not to chaperone (I can’t stand loud noise…even if they do call it music!) I’ll only be able to tell about KT getting ready for it. 

KT and her friends were amazed at how many girls had come to school with their nails already perfectly done in preparation for the dance.  They were amazed even more at how many were leaving school early to have their hair done.  (I can’t tell you how many other parents just shook their heads wondering what on earth they were going to do when it came time for the Prom)

Even if it had occurred to us to that we should go to a professional, I don’t think KT would have chosen that route.  She was perfectly content with a nice hot shower.  Mimi is the one that hauled out all of her nail polish and convinced KT to at least do her nails.  (Mimi had other plans or she would have done it for her.) I offered to help, but apparently I’m not quite as skilled at staying in the lines nails as KT would like. She also wouldn’t go for the sassy red I suggested, preferring to go with a barely-there pink.  Sigh…can this conservative girl really be my child?

KT had planned on all of her accessories being silver.  She just thought it would work better with the dress that I was making for her.  The only problem was that she couldn’t find the perfect silver shoes that she had envisioned.  Instead, she fell in love with a pair of gold heels.  I was thrilled to buy these shoes for her because they were seventy-five percent off.  (and you know how much I like to get things on sale!)

                                               Lucy decided that she should be the focus of this shot.

Of course, the silver jewelry she had planned on making would no longer work with the shoes.  So we had to make a quick stop at the craft store to replace the silver jewelry findings we had already purchased.  A couple hours later, KT had made herself the perfect necklace and earring set.

One of the moms had volunteered to take KT and a couple of her friends to the golf club where the dance was to be held.  We had a few quick moments to snap photos. 

                                                                                        I’m still amazed at how color coordinated they ended up being!

KT had a wonderful time at the party.  She danced and laughed with her friends all night long.  When she came home she was still glowing with excitement.   I hope the glow stays with her for a very long time, even longer than those little twinkle lights are glowing.

I can’t think of a better way for our little girl to say goodbye to Junior High…

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