An Unusual Father's Day

Traditionally, for Father’s Day, we do whatever Shaun wants to do as he is the father.  So we usually just take a deep breath and hope like crazy we survive our Off-Roading trip.  However, this year, my folks are visiting and there simply isn’t enough room in the Jeep for us all. 

I suggested that  just the guys head up to the back roads for some male bonding.  Dad claimed his back hurt and he said didn’t want to be bounced around.  So we had to think of something that would appeal to them both.  I opened my big mouth suggested going into Seattle for some touristy stuff and they both jumped at the idea. 

So, we all piled in the MomMobile and headed downtown with Shaun at the wheel of my car.  Somehow I ended up in the passenger seat.  I’m pretty sure it was so that they could all laugh at me as Shaun pretended he was four wheeling down all the steep hills of Seattle.  I squished my eyes together as tight as they would go, grasped the door handle with all of my might and held my breath as I muttered a few choice words at my Beloved. 

We finally made it down to the waterfront and set about searching for parking.  Despite the fact that it was a cold and gloomy Sunday afternoon, the entire area was still crowded.  We finally managed to find a spot to park when a  bum frantically waved us over and carefully directed us into the open spot.  We tipped him as a thank you for pointing out the spot and crossed our fingers that the van would be intact when we came  back. 

The Market can be lots of fun, but when it’s packed with people, it just annoys me. 

So I just did my best to not be too grumpy.   I took pictures.  Lots of pictures…

I waited until the famed fish throwers were ready to throw a fish.  Only I forgot that I was using the Baby and that it has just the tiniest delay.  So we have a photo of the fish just being caught. 

Mimi had my Beast

Grandma had her brand new camera

Of course Shaun had a camera too. 

Grandpa had a camera as well, but I don’t think he saw much point in dragging it out as the rest of us were pretty busy playing tourist.  KT was just hanging around, being Daddy’s girl, but we don’t seem to have a single photo of her. 

I suppose that’s because we were too busy taking shots of things like this beautiful produce.

And the abundant fresh seafood displays

Or even the original Starbucks…that was much too busy for us to grab a latte…

They finally had enough and we all piled back into the van (yes it was still there!).  Our next mission was for me.   I had requested that we find a way to get back to the Eastside without having to deal with the steep hills that terrify me so much.  (I never ever said I was rational!)   My hero found a way and now I won’t dread our weekly trips into Seattle so much this summer.

Since everyone was already starving, we decided to try out the Vegan Pizza joint that KT has been wanting to go to.  I tried hard not to think about the steaks that we were supposed to be grilling in honor of the dads. 

If they wanted to climb steep hills, go exploring the Market and eat vegan pizza, who was I to argue? After all, it was Father’s Day and they are the the two best dads in the world.

At least I didn’t have to go off-roading…

Just a reminder that you can click on the photos to see them bigger….

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24 Responses to An Unusual Father's Day

  1. Lynne says:

    You should go down to the market more often! How lucky to be so close.

    So, did you buy anything to eat? No? With all that wonderful seafood staring you in the face — how could you resist?

    I like everybody with their cameras, lol… and I do like the way you tell your stories.

    We blogged about kind of the same thing today, how strange. 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    So you spent all that time at the market and THEN after you left you started looking for some place to eat? LOL

    I love markets like that. There’s so much to see.

  3. nikki says:

    Ha, I would be the one begging to go off roading and my hubby would plead with me not to. I always complain he drives too sloooowwwwwwww. Speed limits are only suggestions of how fast you should drive, right?

    Love the produce picture!

  4. mrs darling says:

    I love Pikes Place. I coudl watch the guys throw the fish forever! LOl Sounds like a fun fathers day!

  5. tommiea says:

    I would love to be that close to fresh seafood. I got spoiled when we lived in Alaska.

    Looks like a great day!

  6. MikeM says:

    Great blog!! I will be back for more!!


  7. Susan says:

    Lynne~Dare I confess that I’m not really a big seafood fan? Don’t throw anything at me!
    Jay~you wanted me to eat raw fish and beets? Actually this is a HUGE market attracting tourists from all over the world…which is why we didn’t stay there despite the fact that there are all sorts of yummy places to eat.
    Nikki~It’s a plan. You go off with Shaun while your husband and I wait on the porch…in our rocking chairs!
    Mrs. D~ It is fun isn’t it? Not too many people were buying then so they weren’t throwing too much. We tried to have them get Mom with the monkfish (have you seen that?) but it was getting towards the end of the day…they were tired.
    Tommiea~Well…they do overnight it to anywhere…
    MikeM~Thanks! I’ll be here! 🙂

  8. Mojokat says:

    Wow, sounds like a great father’s day! How fun!!! I have only been through Seattle a couple times, but one of these days I will actually get to visit there…it is a goal!

    My housemate and best friend just visited there last month and brought me a mini-mug from the first Starbucks! Too cool!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I have been outta circulation do to nothing more than boring ole busies!

    Take care!

  9. I love taking pics of people taking pics. It’s one form of reflection, a topic I’m very interested in.

    Hey Susan, I used to be a weather wimp until I lived in DC for a few years. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

  10. Happy Father’s Day. So did you change the header? CUte.

    You are a good photographer, Susan.

  11. Stephanie says:

    You guys did a Gnorm visit Father’s Day :o) We didn’t go into that Starbuck’s either. It was INSANE!!! I was happy to take a pic just like yours. Sounds like you guys had fun…market, vegan pizza and all :o)

  12. TaunaLen says:

    Well, not exactly my idea of a celebration – I prefer the steaks – but as long as your guys enjoyed it. It sounds like it will make for lovely memories.


  13. Shari says:

    I love seafood. That would be my kind of market. Gotta check the freezer for salmon now…

    Glad your Father’s Day outing turned out okay. I don’t like off-roading either. I’ll sit on the porch with you.

  14. Newt says:

    I would love to see that market. Yes, it’s touristy but still………………………

  15. Keshi says:

    well it means u had a wonderful Fathers Day.

    Great happy pics!

  16. Dorky Dad says:

    I can’t go to Seattle. I’d be totally tempted to intercept the fish and run away with it. I can’t help it. I’m the same way with Frisbee throwers.

  17. Diesel says:

    You mean I could have gone off-roading?! I didn’t even know that was one of the options!

  18. Susan says:

    Kat~I’m glad all is well…I was getting a little worried 🙂

    Reya~I’m pretty sure it would kill me! seriously!

    Pretty~Thank you. Yep, I changed it back…

    Stephanie~I think Gnorm’s was cuter ;D

    Taunalen~That’s what I get for not being a dad!

    Hi Shari~Alright…another porch sitter!!

    Newt~it is WAY cool…more so in the winter when there aren’t so many people. There are all sorts of great shops inside…it can be a lot of fun.

    Keshi~yep, it was a fun day!

    DD~LOL I’ll be sure to have them keeping an eye out for you at the gates of the town!

  19. Susan says:

    Diesel~you snuck in there! I’m sure there’s a reason you didn’t know it was an option. I think Mrs. Diesel is a wiser woman than I am! 🙂

  20. Aunt Mary in Australia says:

    That visit to Pike street markets brought back some real nice memories

  21. The Market looks like a wonderful place to spend a lot of time exploring.

    We grilled steaks for our celebration in memory of my dad!

  22. gawilli says:

    What a great seafood market! Geez we would have a ball there.

    Looks like a nice day. Willi smoked ribs and his kids spent the day. A good time was had by all!

  23. Susan says:

    Aunt Mary~That was fun, wasn’t it?!

    Songbird~we had the steak the next day, does that count?

    Gawilli~well, come on up!We”ll take you there!

  24. Patsy Ann says:

    Hey you beat me to posting about Pike’s Market, but I am going to post about it anyways. Maybe my pictures will be a little different! Your dad seemed happy with the outing.

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