Cosa Alfombra Redondo

For the last few decades  days I have been struggling with making a semi-formal party dress for KT to wear to her Ninth Grade Party.  It’s a big to-do that all the kids look forward to being able to attend at the end of their junior high school years. 

I tried to convince KT to let me take her shopping at the mall (ack!) and we could pick one out for her.  We could even bring her friends and make a day of it.  But nooooo, my girl wanted me to make her the perfect dress. I am truly honored to be asked to make this dress, but…well…it ‘s sooooo much work.   

It took us eons to find the perfect pattern.   The dress had to be “twirly” so that it would flare out when KT spun around.  It also had to be very elegant.  Despite the fact that we went to three different fabric stores, there simply wasn’t enough of the “perfect” fabric color to be found.  (It tickles me that my child was in search of the exact same color I used for our wedding!)  We finally settled for a teal blue in a soft fabric.

Honestly, the pattern didn’t seem too complicated.  Maybe a little challenging in spots, but nothing I wouldn’t be able to handle.  Note I said it didn’t seem too complicated.  I have been struggling with this so much that I think the seam ripper has become part of my hand. 

Tonight, I was yet again working on the dress, while KT sat at the table beside me doing her Spanish homework.  (although somehow, I think I may have ended up doing most of it through our conversations)  I kept walking back and forth from one side of the table to the other to retrieve my pin cushion or seam ripper.  I finally announced that I wished I were able to just utter some spell to make it come to me. 

KT told me all I had to do was call it in Spanish.  So I told it to come to me.  KT just shook her head and reminded me that I had to call it by name.  Instantly, I named my pin cushion “Madge” and called it to no avail.  I just laughed at her and walked around once again to get it. 

After a bit of muttering to herself and flipping pages of her Spanish book back and forth, KT finally announce “Cosa Alfombra Redondo”!  When I looked at her in bewilderment she proudly told me that it meant pin cushion in Spanish.  The she sheepishly added “kinda”.  (Interestingly, calling it a “round carpet thing” didn’t seem to make it obey either). 

Note that nicely organized the pins are.  I do my best to keep them all jumbled up and sticking out.  It drives KT nuts and she keeps “fixing” it for me. 

The dress just needs a final fitting before I put in the lining and then it will finally be done.  Although it seems I have to make a trip to the mall anyways.  It seems as though a new dress needs new shoes to go along with it.  Sigh…

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