Fun Monday–for the second time…

I’m not sure why I agreed to do this again…I’m not really much of a meme player.  I guess because I enjoyed playing so much last week!  Anyways, the Swampwitch, who is hosting this week basically asked to see our messes.  Well, this is what she said.

Plato said, “I can learn more about a person from an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” 

Someone else said, “I can learn a lot about a person by just looking at their bookshelves and garage.”

So, Fun Monday’s challenge for June 25 is to post pictures of your bookshelves or stacks of books. Hopefully, we will be able to read some of the titles. If you want, while you’re at it, post pictures of ANY shelves…shelves with toys, dishes, collections, Aunt Gertrude’s ashes in an urn, etc. Also, post pictures of your garage, carport, or places where you store stuff.’  (No fair cleaning first, but if you must, maybe this will be the motivation to do so.)

It sounded like a good idea a week ago. After all, a whole week to tidy.  Only…well, I’m not very good at tidying when there are so many other things to do…like staring at the wall or something.  So…be kind.  Please?

I went into Mimi’s room first as my very favorite bookshelf resides there.  It’s the one KT and I painted while we did our little version of “while you were out for her”. 

She keeps part of her pig collection in here and some books thrown in willy nilly.  What concerns me is the sign on the side of the book shelf.  It proclaims that side of the shelf as a “friend wall” and encourages her friends to autograph it.  Obviously we need to talk. 

Mimi gets her bookcase neatness naturally.  We tend to just stuff books in a shelf where ever they will go.  This is one of the bookshelves in our bedroom. It has mostly Shaun’s books.  (Mine pretty much hang out at the library)

I don’t know that you can read the titles, but let me assure you that he has very eclectic taste.  You can find a little of everything on our shelves (and we have several) Almost all of our bookshelves have this same look. 

Swampwitch also wanted to see our garages.  Sorry, it’s just not happening.  I will, however, show you the Monster Closet as a consolation prize.  This is a little finished space  We call it the Monster Closet because we used to all crawl in there when the girls were little and sit in the dark telling monster stories.  We slowly grew out of that stage and started storing stuff in there. 

As it is the Monster Closet, I need you to help me out with the drama.  So, dim the lights as we slowly walk down the stairs, start humming some suspense music.  Slowly bring volume up.  I’m slowly reaching out to turn the door knob with my camera in hand.  Hum really loud now.  The door is creaking open and suddenly we see a flash of movement.  SCREAM! We see a bright flash of light as I struggle and finally manage to close the door.   Whew, that was close! I download my photos to see what, if anything, was captured on film. 

Oh no! One of our skeletons in the closet tried to escape! We simply can’t allow that to happen…

(See what happens the first time I manage to sleep in?)

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24 Responses to Fun Monday–for the second time…

  1. You had me at Shaun’s crammed bookshelf. I mean crammed bookshelves shows a love of books, even if messiness overides taking good care of them;).

    But the monster closet cracked me up! I was never that inventive. Well, unless you count the fact that I used to spray scented water around the door frame when my kids were scared of monsters, telling them it was monster spray – and it would totally keep the monsters away.

  2. nikki says:

    Love your daughters painted book shelf. Wanna come and paint mine? I promise I won’t have my friends autograph it.

  3. giveitatry says:

    Hey that is what the top or our book shelf looks like!

  4. Lynne says:

    This was so great Susan! We all say we have skeletons in the closet, but now we know for sure that you do!! hhahahahaha you made me laugh a good one and I needed that!

  5. JennieBoo says:

    I love the way you’ve painted your daughter’s bookshelf. It’s so cute!

    Enjoyed seeing your “Fun Monday” today.

    Happy Monday

  6. Robinella says:

    I used to have a great pig collection. Sold them all at my Mom’s yardsale about 10 years ago.

    We went into the local grocer’s (very small town) and there they were. Happy as pigs in mud sitting atop the butcher’s case!!! Little did they know.

  7. chrisb says:

    LOL loved the skeleton. Your book shelves make me feel quite at home!!

  8. debi says:

    Mimi’s bookshelf is fantastic. Come paint with me!

  9. Cazzie says:

    Looks like we all heart books as much as each other. It is great our kids love it too

  10. gawilli says:

    Monster closet. You are so funny. And like everyone else, I love the “while you were out” bookshelf. I kept the camera out of the garage, too. I use to be able to get my car in there. Use to, that is.

  11. Pamela says:

    the bookshelf is darling…
    but that monster skeleton in your closet – WOW
    ha ha ha ha

  12. Michelle says:

    Shaun’s bookshelf reminds me of Kell’s (well, Al’s really) picture of the leaning tower of Pisa. Precarious!

  13. theotherbear says:

    My bookshelves usually look like that. Loved the skeleton! Made me laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Willowtree says:

    I thought I left a comment here before, oh well… I used to have a gumball machine just like that one, except mine was red and I kept it filled with peanut M&M (got a bit expensive after a while).

    A lot of us don’t know why we keep doing this, I think it’s because it’s not really a meme and you don’t have to tag anyone, and there’s no rules. And it is fun.

  15. lisa says:

    I love the colorful shelf!! you did great work there. And you’re not alone in how the books get put away either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Kirsten says:

    This is an awesome idea! I love it! I think I will give it a try and will let you know when I post it!

  17. Sam says:

    I love the skeleton, that’s great LOL

  18. Dorky Dad says:

    Yup. That one totally needed music at the end. That’s a pretty cool idea for a meme, too.

  19. Pavel says:

    The skeleton made me laugh, but the idea of posting your bookshelf; well, that’s pretty good! I would be afraid of posting a pic of MY bookshelf. I have The Cat in the Hat next to books by Isabel Allende, and that’s as far as I’m willing to admit…

  20. You and KT painted the bookshelf? Very creative.

    Btw, the books are so heavy. I can see your shelf are bending ^^.

  21. Totally cool post! I’m SO glad you joined in! Much more entertaining than a bunch of silly garage pictures! Don’t let my sister Mindy see the pigs, they’ll be gone before you blink!

  22. tommiea says:

    love the whimsical bookshelf. I have been debating painting the one in my little girl’s room.

  23. Skeletons in your closet….ha, ha, ha… favorite post of the day!!

  24. Joy T. says:

    Love the colors on the painted bookshelf. So cool.