Grandma's Lunches

I had to giggle this morning as I made the girls’ lunches for school.  They told me all the things that their grandma did “wrong”.  (They do this with everyone…obviously they know that only I do everything the right way!)

KT was exasperated as she told me how Grandma made them  sandwiches, cut them in half and then put them in a baggie…only each half sandwich got it’s own little bag.  One day, KT marveled, she got three half sandwiches.   My child assumed that her grandma was either nuts or thought she would be extra hungry that day.   I’m pretty sure that it was because the other child only got one half of a sandwich.  (not that I’ve ever done anything like that!)

One thing that I’ve failed at was teaching them the proper was to cut up a cantaloupe.  Grandma taught them that the trick is to peel it first.   Now, I grew up with this woman and have never heard of such a thing.  I could just imagine trying to peel a slippery melon to get all the skin off.   I had get more details about this “trick”.  I asked if she used a potato peeler to get the skin off.  That simple question earned me a look of contempt.  I was told that she used a knife.  (Hmmm, big knife, slippery round fruit…it’s not looking pretty in my mind’s eye).  

I can’t wait to see what other entertaining nuggets I will hear about the days  they spent together….

I’ll finish up with tales from our trip (mostly because I’ll forget them if I don’t write them down!) soon.  I also plan on coming around to my favorite blogs in the next day or so…I seem to have gotten pretty behind.  🙂

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