Hair to Dye For

Not too long ago I was at the store with my mother and the girls.  Mom,  can (and does) spend years hours a really long time just looking at…well anything.  I’m always ready to go loooong before she is.  To relieve my boredom, I started walking down all the aisles.  When I got to the hair dye, on  a whim, I decided to get myself some…just to add a little pizzazz for the summer. 

Mom, who doesn’t really like to shop alone wasn’t far behind me.  She scoffed at the color and brand that of coloring that I had chosen.  I was quickly ushered over to a different section of the hair dyes.  She informed me that I needed to get her brand because I was worth it.  (See…advertising does work.)  My rebuttal was that my chosen brand was good for your hair as it had natural fruit oils in it.  (Like I said about the advertising…).   I always thought I got my stubborn gene from my dad, apparently I was wrong as I found myself agreeing to get her brand of colorant. 

Then we got down to the choosing the color.  My mother didn’t like any of the colors that I was drawn to.  It was too big of a change, too red,  too blond, too dark, just not quite right…  She handed me the same shade that she had always used before she stopped coloring her hair.  Mom had a really hard time trying to understand why I didn’t want the same exact shade of hair as my mother!  The color she finally decided that I needed was almost the exact same shade as my natural color.   She disagreed. 

It’s amazing that the conditioning of my youth still remains.  Knowing that anything else was futile, I bought the box that Mom had selected for me.  Sigh…

Later that evening, I did my hair.  Sure enough, it looked almost exactly the same.  Perhaps just a hair lighter.  The next time I saw Mom, I didn’t say a word.  It took her just over four hours (not that I was counting or anything) to notice that something might be different.

Next time I want to play with my color, I’m going shopping by myself…

Edit to add:When Shaun came home I caught him staring at me intently.  He finally asked if this was a recent story or something that had happened a long time ago. He hadn’t noticed anything in the two weeks since I had dyed my hair!  


Bit O’ Life

A sunburned and exhausted KT after being picked up from martial art camp. 

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