I'm a Beta Tester!!!

If you’ve been reading my blog for anytime now, or happen to know me in person, you may have caught on how much I dislike change of any type but technology in particular.  In fact, if I were in charge of the changes in the world, we would still be using party lines and manual typewriters.  (although White Out was a pretty good invention) 

Fortunately for the world, I didn’t get to be in charge of changes and thus progress has been made.  Shaun has been in charge of dragging me kicking and screaming into the wave of the future.  Once I get settled in, I always like it…it’s just the getting there that bothers me.  (Whatever would I do without my coffeepot automatically brewing me coffee first thing in the morning???)

So you can imagine my surprise when Shaun asked if I wanted to be a Beta Tester for a new program.  I was sooo excited, he asked ME to be a tester!  I’ve always said that I would be the perfect tester as I’m clueless how to use pretty much any software.  (I’m still baffled as to why no major software company has snatched me up yet…)

So this new program is called a Live Writer.  You can set it up for any blog and easily publish to your blog…no matter what blog program you use.  I love WordPress (although right now I’m still a bit miffed at them for taking away our feed stats) and usually it’s a cinch to upload posts…unless you want a picture.  Then it’s a pain.  Enter the Live Writer, just a click or two and there’s your photo.  You can size it how you want, even watermark it…it’s so easy! (Maybe you’ve noticed a few more photos than usual in the past few weeks?)

Like the good Beta Tester that I am, I compiled a list of things that I loved and that I wasn’t so crazy about.  Then I sent them to Shaun who was going to send them to the Powers That Be. (It’s actually a guy named Charles)  For some reason, Shaun could never remember to forward my list.  As annoyed as I was about that, it all worked out for the best as I found that the more I played with this amazing program, that my issues weren’t really issues at all…I just hadn’t figured it out yet.   I have been told that the one feature I really want won’t make it in until post 1.o (whatever that means!). 

My first foray into Beta Testing has been pretty exciting.  I’m thrilled to have helped! (Um…yeah….) Only…just the other day I found out that oh…anyone can use the beta blog writer.  It’s right here.  Go ahead…use it and be happy. 

So much for me being special….

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16 Responses to I'm a Beta Tester!!!

  1. Mojokat says:

    Awwww…you are very special!

    Now I will have to join your specialness and check out that beta. =-) Maybe this weekend I can see what it is all about! Thanks for sharing with us all!

    I hope that your day goes well!

  2. Jay says:

    You are still special!

    I heard about Live Writer from some people in an internet forum. I kept forgetting to try it out though. I might go ahead and do it now.

  3. Kell says:

    I think I’ll go try that out, too. Then we can all be special!

  4. Michelle says:

    You’ll always be special to us, sweetie. Even if you’re not the exclusive beta tester you thought you were. 😉

  5. Oh yeah? Is that hard transfering to beta, Susan?


  6. tommiea says:

    how fun! Has it been easy to do?

  7. TaunaLen says:

    I think I might give Live Writer a try. Thanks for you comments on my post about my son’s birthday. I am still amazed that the days went so quickly.


  8. MikeM says:

    Beta testing is very cool!! I got to be one for Windows XP. It’s a lot of fun poking around.


  9. gawilli says:

    Cool beans. Thanks for the tip! Oh, are you going to give us lessons?

  10. Dorky Dad says:

    I’m not going to be a beta tester myself just so you can feel that much more special. I’m just that kind of guy.

  11. mjd says:

    You are special. You have given us all a public service announcement. I think that I might give it a try.

  12. Susan says:

    Kat~Do it! It’s waaay cool!

    Jay~Did you try it yet? tee hee

    Kell~something about all of us being special that makes me be less special. Hmmm…that’s ok, I may end up with The Kell Kut so it’s all good.

    Michelle~Awww…I always knew I liked you!

    Pretty and Tommiea~Well…I managed to do it all by myself, so yeah, it’s pretty easy

    Taunalen~I’m only a couple years away from that…

    Mike~The girls were running the beta version of XP as well. Interestingly, I’m still with the old version. Shaun thinks it’s too much of a headache to give me XP. He knows that I will grumble about it like crazy…

    Gawilli~LOL Suuurrrre, I’ll give lessons!!!

    Dorky Dad~You are just so thoughtful!

    mjd~Well, thank you!

  13. Keshi says:

    U R SPECIAL! Cos only u can be Susan 🙂


  14. Cazzie says:

    I shall check it soon ish as I am sick of blogger playing funny buggers with my pictures and stuff

  15. Susan says:


    Cazzie~Leaving Blogger was one of the best things I ever did. I heart WordPress!

  16. Patsy Ann says:

    Have been using the new Live Writer, and you are right Susie, I do like it and the picture loading is as simple as can be. Only complaint is what happens to the way I set the print, the fint size changes back to the tiny stuff when it is published and I don’t like that! I like it big, big, bigger!

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