Monday Fun~These Walls…

Something I have never done before it play Monday Fun.  But one of my favorite bloggers, Return of the White Robin is hosting it this week (apparently the host changes weekly). 

The assignment is show us something that hangs on your wall that is fun, interesting, endearing, sentimental, or otherwise enticing. Select the picture of Uncle Horace, Grandma Galt’s needlepoint, or little Susie’s first fingerpainting to show the blogging community.

Now to be completely honest, I am really, really really good at buying picture frames.  In fact for a while there, it was becoming a problem.  (You didn’t really expect me to have normal addictions did you?)  Anyone needing a gift got a frame as they were the niftiest things around! So, now I have this huge pile of frames…sitting on a shelf in the garage! I’ll show you a few things that we do have up on the walls though.  (Please forgive the lousy photos, glass and flash…not so good)

This is Boris.   

For many years we thought he was a pig,and were quite surprised to learn that he was actually a dog.  Anyways, he was created by the Southwest artist, Jim Wagner and was a wedding gift to us from Shaun’s aunt.  Despite the fact that his looks still haven’t quite grown on us, we cherish him for the love behind him. 

This is my favorite photo of all time. 

This was snapped by my mom moments after KT was born in our little apartment. 


The two smaller frames beside it hold KT and I on the top and Shaun with Mimi on the bottom. 

OK…enough with trying to capture photos, it’s just not working.  How about what’s on the walls?

A few years ago, KT checked out thirty books from the library and bookmarked photos of her favorite marine life.  She then asked that I paint them all in her room.  I had never done anything like that before, but her complete confidence in me, allowed me to create a wonderful underwater world for her. 

Looking around the room this morning, I noted that over the years, pretty much all of the walls have been covered.  Except for this one tiny spot. 

This was my one area of self-indulgence in the room.  KT had asked that everything be realistic.  (how boring is that!) I snuck in this defiant mermaid holding a frog (just because I like frogs) She has the snootiest expression on her face that I just love.  And there is tons of glitter in the waves below her.  It highly amuses me that this is the only part of the wall still showing!  (That brown thing to the right is the base of a  corkboard palm tree)

This is Allie

Yep, she lives in our bathroom.  I really like her, but kinda stopped working on this room because I’m slightly embarrassed.  Honestly, do you think it’s too strange? Should I continue or just paint the room beige?  (I really would like to know what you think!!!)

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Just a reminder you can click to see photos bigger.

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