Post Three Hundred

I just noticed that my three hundredth post was yesterday.  I’m actually quite proud of myself.  It only took me a year and a half to get to this point.  Which really isn’t too bad considering the huge stack of nearly empty journals that I have accumulated through the years. 

I view this blog as a journal of sorts.  It holds all the special little moments and silly little things that I would most likely forget if I didn’t write it down.  Only it doesn’t seem to be the little pink diary of my youth.  You know the kind…a private one that came with a tiny little lock and key designed to keep out prying eyes.  Of course, I had inscribed “PRIVATE! KEEP OUT!!” on the very front pages…just in case the lock didn’t hold.  Not that I had an earth shattering secrets.  Or that I really thought anyone wanted to see them.  It was just the principal of the matter. 

Shaun is the one that convinced me to start blogging.  In fact he set up a blog for me and posted some little stories that I had sent out to friends and family.  If he had thought about it for one second, he would’ve known how much I would resist his act of love.  Still…the seed was planted. 

It took me a  nearly a year, but I finally set up a blog of my own.  (You didn’t really think my stubborn self was going to use the one he had set up for me, did you? Talk about having to re-making the wheel)

What amazed me was that people…people that I didn’t know and wasn’t related to started reading my blog.  And even better commenting on! (And any blogger can tell you how much we love comments!)  I got used to the really odd feeling of people I know “in real life” wanting to discuss things  I know I didn’t tell them…they had read it on the blog. 

I have met some amazing people from all over the world in blogland.  People that I have learned to care about and that I would be thrilled to have as a neighbor.  I love going over for a visit  and taking a peek into your lives. 

So to all of you that come to visit (even all your lurkers out there!) thank you for being a part of this journey.  For caring about me and my family and for giving me support to keep writing my little posts… 

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