Ring a ling a ling

I’ve always been very proud of my cell phone.  It’s the very bottom of the line phone only being able accept and make phone calls.  It doesn’t take pictures or text messages or anything fancy like that. 

A while back I dropped my phone.  When I  picked it up, I found that I had cracked the crystal.  (OK, it probably isn’t called the crystal, but if my phone were a watch it would be) Shaun was sure that I would finally be willing to get a replacement phone.  He underestimated how attached I was to my phone.  I merely decided that I now had “star power” because of the crack.  (Yes, I will do anything to avoid change!)

You have to look closely to see the star.

About a week ago, my phone started to emit a high pitched squeal every time I went to use it.  Apparently, it really was time to get a new phone.  (I’m not quite sure how, but I know Shaun was behind that squeal!)  So this weekend we went to go get  a new phone for me.

We walked into the phone store and told the helpful sales clerk that I wanted a bare bones  model that had blue tooth capability.  The clerk grinned and graciously informed us that all of their phones now came with blue tooth. 

He looked up our plan and told us that if we renewed our contract for another two years we could get new phones for free.  We like our provider (and I hate change) so we readily agreed.  We were shown the available selection.  I tried to be objective, but the one I loved the best was a pretty pink one. (Shaun doesn’t need a new phone.  He has a really fancy one that does everything but wash windows.  Oh, and it’s not so great at taking phone calls either). 

It turns out that my tastes seem to run exactly the same way as a teenage girl.   When Mimi saw my new phone, she burst into tears and  nearly turned green with envy on the spot.  She may have mentioned that the phone was wasted on me.  (and it probably is) Apparently, my pretty little pink phone is one of those Razrs she has been wanting so badly. 

Lucky for her they had a bunch of pink phones in stock.  We all have one. 


Lucky for me, I now have two kids that can teach me how to use this new-fangled thing….

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