That Fresh Minty Feeling

Yesterday, I got out of the shower and wrapped a fluffy towel around myself.  Then I grabbed a Q-Tip out of the container and absentmindedly started to swap all that water out of my ears.  (I can’t stand having wet ears) After a moment, I realized that my right ear was starting to tingle.  I shrugged it off as I thought I must be imagining things.  (Not that I’m crazy or anything) The slight tingle of my imagination  started to get more vivid, it was turning  into a definite burning sensation.

As I tried to figure out what could possibly be going on with my ear, I noticed some white stuff on my hand.  Examining it closer, I realized that I had globs of toothpaste all over it.  Puzzled, I went searching for the source of the toothpaste as I desperately tried to swap away the pain in my ear.   There were no remains of the sticky white stuff on the sink or on the Q-tip container.  Nothing on the floor…or…anywhere.   I finally gave up as the stinging in my ear increased.  I also gave up trying to clean out the toothpaste as all I seemed to be doing was smearing it around more and causing more damage.  Eventually the sting started to ebb and finally went away.  (Think about how long that fresh feeling lasts after you brush your teeth.  It feels at least twice that long in your mouth.  You really should try it!)

Later that evening I told Shaun about the toothpaste mystery.  I mentioned that I still couldn’t figure out where it came from.  Much to my surprise, his face almost immediately turned bright red and he demanded to know if I was blaming him!   I just looked at him…technically I was working my way up to blaming him because that is just what I do and it’s kinda fun and ..wait a minute…

“It WAS you!”  I shouted triumphantly.

Shaun instantly went from defiant to sheepish.  He confessed that he had accidentally dropped his tooth brush on the towels and when he picked it up the toothpaste was gone.  He had meant to look for it, but had gotten distracted and had forgotten all about it. 

Lucky for him, I meant to share that fresh minty feeling with him after he fell asleep last night by squirting some in his exposed ear…but I forgot all about it…


And now for something completely different!

I have long admired Graymama’s “Bit O’ Buddy”, an endearing little bit about something her son did that day.  It’s usually a little quote or a picture.  I’m going to blatandly steal borrow her idea with something I’ll call…”Bit O’ Life”.   I’ll post a picture or tidbit here at the bottom of each post.  It most likely won’t be related, just a little something I want to share.  I plan on doing this forever…but, let’s just see how it goes.

My First Bit of Life: Mimi dressed up for a end of year party.


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