Watch Out Seattle!

I’ve neglected to inform you (most likely because I have been in deep denial) but KT started taking Driver’s Training a couple weeks ago.  It’s been all nice and safe.  She has been learning very important things such as the importance of seat belts and what the different colors on traffic lights mean.  Yet, it seems that they want to go a step further.  They want to um….actually take these kids on the road…with the kids driving!

For this to happen, each child needs a very important piece of paper called a “learners permit”.  Fortunately, the timing has been working out so that there was no possible way we could fit in a trip to the DOL.  KT has been busy, I left town…until yesterday. 

Right after school we hopped in the car and headed to the nearest DOL Office.  We took a number and waited our turn while KT frantically studied her driver’s handbook.  When they finally called our number, KT jumped up and nearly ran over to the window.  We had everything in order except for having her birth certificate.  We were informed that we could get the permit without it, but it wouldn’t have her picture on it and therefore  couldn’t be used as an ID.  We thought about it for a moment, then decided that she didn’t really need a valid ID for anything at this stage in her life.  (She does have a photo student ID).  Our clerk just sighed and muttered about how he had tried his best.  I’m not quite sure how, but we soon found ourselves headed back towards home to get KT’s birth certificate. 

We lucked out with traffic and managed to get back, with proof of birth in hand, in record time.  Our clerk had told us to just come back to his window instead of waiting for a number again.  He just beamed at us for doing things the “right” way.   When I told this very nice man that as a government worker, he was supposed to be cranky and irritable,  he just laughed.   Then he went on to tell us that that people are always amazed when he tells them his former career.  Then he revealed that for twenty-five years he was in the military… in Special Forces…as a sniper.  My imagination certainly went wild with that one!

The moment finally arrived and KT had her magic piece of paper.  Of course, she immediately asked for the keys.  I just laughed at her.  The only time KT has driven was about a year ago.  She practiced parking in the high school parking lot.  Despite my encouragement to just drive around and get a feel for the car, all she wanted to was get the car perfectly in between the two lines.  (She is so Shaun’s child!)

I  drove her to a nearly empty church (I figured we needed all the good vibes we could get) that had a driveway going completely around it.  So we drove around and around practicing various stops and techniques.  Finally, I told her to pull into the street and drive down into the next strip mall parking lot.  She panicked for a moment, but then did as I had suggested.  Then, I let her drive through a fast food window.  She was so excited to order her own food for the first time ever. 

Then I let her drive us home.   She was bouncing off  the walls with glee when she ran in to tell her dad what she had done.  Somehow she managed to sweet talk him into letting her drive him to the store for anything that he might need.  (I had to choice but to go as I was still sitting in the MomMobile still trying to pry my fingers loose from the door handle)

When she pulled back into our driveway, KT informed us that she was going to need her own set of keys pretty soon…like that’s going to happen any time soon…

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  1. Peggy says:

    Oh My! I learned to drive on a frozen lake. There was nothing to hit and no traffic going to and from the lake. I suppose a strip mall parking lot is the nearest equivalent.

    Now that she has her permit, you’re gonna get pestered to the brink of death! She’ll want to drive everywhere! Its a shame she can’t drive to the aquarium. It would save on bus time.

  2. Jay says:

    So when does the whole family go out looking at cars??? I’m thinking she’s gonna want something small and fast ….. er …. cute. LOL 😉

  3. Kell says:

    She’s lucky she just had you in the car as she was learning her techniques. When I was learning to drive, Jay would lay in the back seat and moan, “We’re all going to die!” So, I would slam on the brakes and send him into the back of the seats. Ah siblings.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh lordy…I’m not ready for this phase yet. Thankfully Kyrin has another year. As for the 24 hour drive thru Starbucks…it is way to conveniently located on 85th in Kirkland….just down the street from my house. I mean…really….it makes getting my drug fix that much easier. I have quit smoking etc..but this coffee thing has got it’s grip on me like you can’t believe…and I don’t think I’ll stop drinking it anytime soon either. That’s just crazy talk!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    No way did that happy dude with the big, smiling buckers used to train his scope on Bad Guys! Too funny.

    I remember driving around church parking lots ad nauseum before being unleashed on the roads…

  6. photowannabe says:

    Boy does that bring back memories long ago , with both of my boys. They acturally were very careful drivers so hard to let go…it was a relief to not have to transport them everywhere.

  7. Michelle says:

    First, she looks so gorgeous with her new haircut! Ok, moving on…

    This brings back a lot of memories. My mom and dad didn’t teach me to drive but bought me driving lessons so that they didn’t inadvertantly teach me bad habits. To this day, not an accident to my name.

    Good luck, KT! You’ve got some great teachers. 🙂

  8. Susan says:

    Peggy~you learned on slippery ice??? You must be the best driver around!

    Jay~Um…yeah…we are SO the type to run out and buy our little princess a brand new car!!! LOL

    Kell~I’m not supposed to groan about my impending death??

    Stephanie~I know where that one is, it seems as though there is a line always wrapped around the building. Now I know where to go for a fix!!

    Jocelyn~Doesn’t he just look like the sweetest old man? And he was so nice and patient to EVERYONE! (very unlike his co-workers)

    Sue~she’s very careful. I told her she drives like her grandma.

    Michelle~doesn’t she look so different? She is taking classes, but thinks she needs extra driving time. I’ve never been in an accident either (when I was driving) knock on wood.

  9. mrs darling says:

    Oh my I remember when my daughter learned to drive. I have never been the same.

    Congrats to your daughter.

  10. Shari says:

    What do I have to look forward to? Three years will fly by and my oldest will be of age to get a driver’s license. But-I am looking forward to it. I can get her to do some running around for me, because I can’t drive anymore. Of course, there’s this part of me that doesn’t WANT her to drive, either. Aaack!

  11. Betty says:

    I just thank God for Driver’s Ed. My nerves were not strong enough to teach my kids myself. It was hard enough riding with them after the had their licenses. lol

  12. tommiea says:

    how fun and cute she looks! You are one brave mamma.

    I always try to be so patient when I see those driver ed cars…..the ones with the big signs on the top and the bumpers. I know they are just someone elses kid who is afraid they are going to screw up with the teacher and their friends in the car!

    My two year old saw a purple VW bug with peace signs and flowers all over it….she informed me that that was the car she would drive when she was a big girl. I took a pic with the phone on my camera, but have no clue as to how to get it to my computer!

  13. TaunaLen says:

    I spent two hours at the DMV last friday. And I am so happy to announce that we get to return for another happy couple of hours next friday. I keep thinking that with four teenagers, we get to do this again and again and again – until they all pass. Why are these people so unhappy and so SLOW? Good luck with your new driver.


  14. Cazzie says:

    Possibly sooner than you think, she will be driving, I do not look forward to this when myu time comes,,,bababaaaaa.

  15. Coffespaz says:

    Oh good golly the memories that story invokes! Good luck. Buy some hand cream so you can release your hand from the handle above the door. Seriously, I know she’ll do fine, sounds like she has some terrific instructors! 🙂

  16. I can only imagine how hard it would be to face the fact that my child is old enough to drive. I mean, learning to walk…becoming mobile would be bad enough, but driving? I think I would have made a very neurotic mother!!

  17. Lynne says:

    Oh how well I remember those Driver’s Ed days. We had a good time. But that was back in the days when it was offered as a class in school.

    My Dad taught me to drive and was very patient, bless his heart. Believe it or not, my Mom learned how to drive after I did …

  18. Peace says:

    Wow, what memories that conjures up. I can remember driving to the DMV to get my license with my mom. I was pulled over by a policeman. I thought it hysterical and my mom was getting really mad saying, “Oh, yes, this is really funny, let’s see how funny the police officer thinks it is.” Which made it seem even more funny.

    As he approached my window, I kept my head down so he couldn’t see I was cracking up…I suppose he thought I was crying. He told me I had been going 50 in a 15 mph school zone and asked where was I going in such a hurry.

    “Ummm. To get my license.” Says I.

    “Let me give you a tip”, he says. “Try going slower in the school zones.” He started laughing and let me go.

  19. Tylor says:

    There is a movie idea there: local DMV clerk gets called out of retirement in the Special Forces to single handedly take down global terrorism and certify the masses to drive safely. I can hear Warner Bros. calling now.

  20. Cheryl says:

    You are one brave Mom! I know I’m going to be scared to death when my daughter starts to drive. How do parents do it? Two more years for me.

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