A Sunday Drive

Last Sunday I was once again headed out to bring KT to work at the aquarium at the Crack O’ Dawn.   On a whim, I gritted my teeth, tossed her the keys and told her that she could drive us into Seattle.  Despite my qualms, I figured it was a pretty safe bet.  Traffic would be light and the sky was clear, but not so sunny that the sun would blind her.  It seemed as though this was as good a time as any  to let her do her thing. 

Once she finally stopped jumping around with delight our KT very skillfully backed out of the driveway and stopped sideways in the middle of the road.  She had somehow forgotten how to get to the aquarium despite the fact that we have been going to for three days a week all summer long.  I gently prodded her memory and we were on our way. 

We made it to the freeway without incident.  KT was feeling confident and  in control.  Then it started to rain.  I merely shrugged and told her that this was a perfect time for her to learn to drive on the wet freeway .  After all, Seattle is known for it’s rain.  Just as she got comfortable again, it started to pour down in a very un-Seattle like manner.

KT’s reaction was to do what she always seems to do when she’s unsure while driving.  She slowed down.  Normally slowing down on the freeway when it is raining would be considered a good thing.  But going twenty miles an hour on a limited visibility freeway isn’t always such a good idea. 

ktdrives (good thing there weren’t many cars!)

Apparently, there’s a very good reason that I’m not a famous actress.  KT was very aware of the terror that I had tried to hard to conceal.  As soon as the short torrent dried up and the sun peeked out again, my Shaun’s child started cackling gleefully.  “Mom” she crowed, “did you forget about the hills?”

A cold blast of dread struck my heart.  The steep hills of downtown…how on earth could I have forgotten those? For reasons unknown to me, I have always had a problem with driving up or down a steep hill.  (Shaun seeks them out just to mess with me)  I suddenly remembered the main reason I hadn’t let KT drive us to the aquarium.  I wasn’t sure I would make it home to see my good child…the one still sweetly sleeping back home. 

I made KT put our automatic transmission in low gear and keep her foot on the break at all times.  I cringed as car doors opened and red lights loomed ahead.  My wicked child complied while she rolled her eyes and laughed at me.  (That would be her father’s influence.)

Somehow we made it to our destination safe and (mostly) sound.  I couldn’t get my keys back from KT fast enough though. 

Shaun can take her on the next Sunday drive….


Bit O Life

Miss KT in action

kt in action

(Can you believe they let 15 year olds behind the wheel? Do you know how squirrelly they are???)

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