Eight More Random Things

As Mike and M have both tagged me for this meme, I guess I should actually do it.  (Haven’t I told you enough weird things about me yet?)

So, with no further ado, and in no particular order…

1. I don’t like change.  Of any sort.  I dig my heels in and resist it with everything I have.  Sometimes, I have to accept changes though, and are generally happy with them.  (Mimi seems to have gotten this trait from me…poor thing)

2. On the other hand, I get bored easily.  I need a certain amount of stimulation and change of scenery.  Go figure.

3. I crave color.  I didn’t always.  In fact for a while my favorite colors were beige (is that even a color???) and forest green.  I’ve slowly evolved and now the brighter the better.  My ‘juicy fruit gum package’ colored walls make me happy. πŸ™‚

4. It took me eight years before I finally started painting the walls and adding color to our home.  (refer to #1)

5. I have certain things I eat at certain restaurants.  I try really hard to order something different, but I don’t seem capable of that.  It drives Shaun nuts.  (Could that possibly be of the allure?)

6. I can’t tell a joke for the life of me.  It’s pretty pathetic, I can see the eyes of my victim listener glaze over.  They start to doze off, snoring away and drool dripping.  I can usually get a sympathy laugh when I wake them up from their impromptu nap…

7. We like to travel/vacation by car.  There’s so much that you can see and explore in that mode of travel.  I’ve yet to see anything more exciting than clouds in a plane.  I take that back…I did see the Northern Lights…that was pretty cool.

8. Um…I just opened a Facebook thing.  Now I have no idea what to do with it.  I just didn’t want to  be the only one in my family without one.  Anyone want to be my friend? Or tell me what I should be doing with this???  (Yeah,,,I was running out of things!)

So….I get to tag some folks.  I’m going to see who I haven’t tagged before.  Oh, and those tagged get to take their choice of banners from below.  Unless, of course you already have one.  In that case you just get to answer the question. (No, I don’t really follow rules very well.)

1. Cheryl

2. Jeff

3. Tylor

4. Pavel

5. My Mudder

Is that enough??? Go ahead and add yourself if you wanted to be tagged.  I’ll vouch for you!


Bit O Life


This is the start of my craft room studio makeover.  (It’s mostly to show my mom) Mimi and I love the bright splotchy color.  Shaun and KT think it needs another coat or two…  And the formerly puke colored shag carpet is so fun now!!! 

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20 Responses to Eight More Random Things

  1. wolfbaby says:

    your funny… my niecie girl would love that color of green;) you should see her room.. im not to good with change myself… it sucks

  2. Michelle says:

    Definitely needs another coat or two but it’s a very cool room!

  3. Cazzie says:

    Wow, that make over is wy way cool…I also crave color!!

  4. CS says:

    I’m here through Jeff’s blog. I like these random memes – I did one recently. I’ve gradually liked increasingly intense colors on the walls. And I also tend to find a favorite thing at a restaurant and then keep ordering it.

  5. Frances says:

    I love that shade of green.

    Can’t wait to see updates.


  6. Pavel says:

    Hey, I don’t take well to change either (smile) and I’m about the same with the food in restaurants. Are you sure we’re not related???

    I love meme’s! I’ll do mine on Monday but stop by because I finally got some pictures of the kids with full Cat makeup! They’re really cute…

  7. Jeff says:

    My first meme! Thanks Susan!

    Love the color green. It’s my second favorite color.

  8. Joy T. says:

    Very cool colors! Nice and bright. Love it. Here through ‘she who blogs’ :o)

  9. How relieved I felt when I read that you eat certain things in certain restaurants! The same goes with me and I have been accused of being boring and lacking the sense of adventure. It’s not true — I will eat anything anywhere without questioning it — but I look forward to being able to eat particular dishes in certain restaurants. Usually, when I know I’m going to eat somewhere I’ve already been to before, I will condition myself by thinking about what I’ll eat haha!

  10. thank u Susan ;p.

    I think beige is a color, I love beige. The green wall color which appears in picture, looks so funky, Susan. The bright color can boosts energy too.

  11. JennieBoo says:

    This reminds me of the Tom PEtty “Alice in Wonderland” video! πŸ™‚

  12. JennieBoo says:

    I also enjoyed your meme!

    I’m here through “SHE WHO BLOGS”.


  13. giveitatry says:

    I came through ‘she who blogs’, but I have been around these parts before now. I triple love that green color!

    Good job on the meme! At first I thought you were talking about coins (change) – I think I have money on the brain this morning!!

  14. renate1945 says:

    I’m with you on no. 5–I always eat the same thing at the same restaurant. Hubby doesn’t mind. he usually does it also.

  15. Tink says:

    That color is crazy, girl. I need to do my bathroom like that. I would never have a problem waking up in the morning again!

  16. Jay says:

    I prefer to travel by car too. There is always going to be some kind of fun roadside attraction to stop and look at.

    The only exciting thing you would ever see from a plane is another plane coming at you. And, that excitement doesn’t last all that long. πŸ˜‰

  17. Patsy Ann says:

    Well I guess I will have to get busy and think of some “things”!

    Great color green, it should make the little room look a little bigger! Think you do need another coat of paint.

    But I do not like your floor! Never have liked that style with the black!

    Oh in answer to your question about the puddle of water under the hotwater heater – I think it means trouble – at the mimum is a flush, at the max a new heater! I forwarded your email to your dad. easier than explaining to him. mom

  18. Keshi says:

    u CAN tell jokes cmon Susan! πŸ™‚


  19. Tylor says:

    You tagged me? I’m honored.

  20. Tylor says:

    What banner do you speak of, by the way.