Happy Camper

Today was the first day of Girl Scout Day Camp.  I haven’t seen Mimi  this excited in a really long time.    This is Mimi’s first year being a full fledged PA (Camp Counselor).  She had been told a couple weeks ago that she was to be assigned the highly coveted position of working with the Pixies…or preschoolers in normal-speak.  She’s been practically bouncing off the walls.

Now, you have to understand that Mimi is the Pied Piper of kids.  Seriously, if there is a young kid around they will make an instant beeline to our little Mimi.  They tend to fight over her and follow her around.  They always have.  Somehow they just know that she’s the one to hang with. 

Mimi started the count down sometime last week.  Yesterday, she started counting down the hours to camp.  (She is so her father’s child)Without a word from me, her lunch was packed and all her gear was ready to go.  Promptly at nine o’clock she kissed me good-night and headed off to bed.  (Can we have camp year ’round?)

Naturally, our little Mimi was so excited that she couldn’t get to sleep.  Not that she didn’t try.   She would come out of her room to tell us something then pop right back into bed.  A few hours later, she crawled into bed with me, still jabbering away.  She was worried that the kids wouldn’t like her or that one would fall into the honey bucket or…who knows…I drifted off to sleep. (I think she finally did too).

When my alarm went off at 7:06 this morning, Mimi was already up and ready to go.  (Could this really be my child? The one that I have to threaten with cold water to get up?) We arrived in camp and Mimi was in little kid heaven.  Every time I caught a glimpse of her, she was buried in Pixies.  They were riding on her back, climbing all over her or just being near her.   

I had to leave camp early to pick up KT at the aquarium.  When Mimi was brought home by one of our friends she could barely walk.  The only thing she had to say was “That was exhausting!”

Only four more days to go!


Bit O Life


KT is on a mission to re-read all the Harry Potter books before the new one comes out.  Budd is on a mission to pester her…

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