It's not quite later yet…

I know I was supposed to come back and tell you more about my wonderful memories of summers with G&G, but well…it’s not quite later enough yet. 

Mimi and I are currently up with my folks (and those trees!) so we want to enjoy our last day with them.  They are leaving me for greener pastures tomorrow.  (I need to figure out how to shrink the girls so that my parents want to stay with me instead of my bratty brother and his family!)

Bit O’ Life


Mimi tiptoed halfway around the pond (in her stocking feet so they wouldn’t hear her) to get as close as possible to capture a shot of the Mama Duck and her babies…

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12 Responses to It's not quite later yet…

  1. Betty says:

    Mimi did a good job. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  2. kirsten says:

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! Mimi is too sweet!

  3. Jay says:

    Everybody loves duckies! I bet they wouldn’t run from her. She should have fed them, they love that. LOL

  4. gawilli says:

    I chased some halfway around the pond a few weeks ago. I guess I don’t tiptoe near as good as I use to. Have a nice rest of your trip!

  5. Keshi says:

    wut a beautiful pond!


  6. Patsy Ann says:

    It’s time to move on little girl! You know that we love you and will be back in a year or two. Mimi did take a good picture of the ducks! I guess I should have went down there and got my share of the pictures!

  7. Cazzie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  8. Peaceful view. Perfect shot. Thanks Mimi. ^.^

  9. mjd says:

    Oh, what a great picture of duck babbies.

  10. Diesel says:

    The baby duckies are going the wrong way!

  11. Dorky Dad says:

    Hold on. I’m in the process of inventing an Incredible Shrinking Ray. I just need to test it out on my cats a few dozen times.

  12. What a great picture! Well done, Mimi!!

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