Monday Fun~~Just Relaxin'

Deb our hostess for this week’s Fun Monday has requested that we  show our favorite place to relax. It can be a chair, corner, ledge, or limb. 🙂 We are to get out those cameras and take pics or just write how you feel when you are in your “zone”.

Hmmm…my first thought was to show you the Sammamish River that I seem to be enjoying so much this year.  But then I realized that there is somewhere else even more special to me.  In fact I’m in it right now!

This is my chair.  Over the years it has gotten old and lumpy.  It probably needs to be replaced, yet I just want to give it a new cushion and make it a slip cover.  I realize it is just a chair, but it still holds a special place in my heart. 

This is the last place I sit at night and first place I go to in the morning.  My chair is where I  read my email (and all important blogs!)  I pay my bills here, and IM with family and friends.  I’ve had countless conversations with my beloved from this chair (unless he’s being mischievous and snags it first!). 

I’m rarely in this chair alone.  There is usually a cat sitting on my lap or on the arm of the chair, lulling me with her loud purr.  It’s quite common for one of my nearly grown kids to casually plop down on top of me when I’m in this chair.  She may want to tell me about her day, something she read or makes her sad.  Often, she just wants to be cuddled. 

Despite having so much life going on in between the arms of this chair, it is still an amazing place to come and relax.  To be curled up in this old chair…with a cup of coffee and a great book, I can’t think of too many places more relaxing. 

Then again…perhaps this chair is so relaxing simply because there is so much life going on in my chair…


Bit O Life


Shelly…Our Big Dog

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