Once Upon A Fridge

Once upon a time the royal family a normal refrigerator.  It was filled with typical American cuisine ingredients.  Lots of milk, chicken, hamburger, bacon, eggs, cheese and lunch meat…and maybe a few veggies thrown in for looks. 

Then one day the princesses of the castle decided that they would become vegetarians.  The Queen nodded sagely.  She understood the urge to become a better person and not eat other creatures.  Why, she herself had gone through such a phase in her younger days.  It had lasted almost two weeks! Naturally, she would indulge this new interest of her beloved daughters. 

After a year, one of the princesses had finally grown out of her girlhood phase.  The other princess was still strong in her resolve to not eat any meat.  Another year passed and the Vegetarian princess started to work on her Freshman Project.  A huge research assignment on the topic of her choice.  She had chosen slaughter house abuse as her topic.   She was horrified at all the information she discovered in her research.  The kind-hearted princess was horrified at all that she discovered.  In fact,  the entire royal family was appalled at how the neat little packages of meat arrived to our fridge.  The princess vowed to never eat or use an animal again.  She would become the Vegan Princess. The rest of the family vowed to…use less. 

So, now the Royal Fridge contains such delights as soy milk, tofu, vegan burgers,cucumbers, lettuce  and tomatoes.  And tucked in the very back, there is a package of bacon. 

Don’t tell the princess….

For more Fun Monday entries go visit  Amy this week’s hostess.  They might actually post photos of their refrigerator!

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