The Envelope Please…

After careful consideration, the winners of the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award go to….

Pretty in the City…(This is really a bounce-back as she awarded me) M is a newlywed, living in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The thing I love most about her is that she is so stinkin’ cute.  Remember when you first fell in love and your whole world centered around your beloved? That’s where she is right now…she even takes pictures of her hubby when he’s sleeping.  (Ok, I might do that now, but only if I could catch Shaun drooling)  All together  now “aawwwwww”.  

Stephanie-Now this is a woman after my own heart.  Not only does she want to be a rockin’ blogger….she wants a tiara to go with it! Sigh…I live to serve.  Now Stephanie lives just a town or two over from me.   We keep talking about meeting up, but haven’t quite made it happen yet.  I have to meet the woman who makes her own soap and knits her own socks! (yes, I’m in awe!)

CazzieShe didn’t actually ask for one, but I know she wants it! (and of course would deserve it!) Cazzie is a nurse and more importantly an awesome mom.  She lives downunder  in the land of Oz.  Every single Friday she gives us a history lesson of her homeland. (She’s supposed to be compiling it all into the best travel book ever!)

Carol-I knew Carol lived in the Seattle area when I first started lurking on her site a week or so ago.  But was amazed when I put together the pieces and figured out that she lived just around the corner from me! She has a great blog  (she was recently awarded a “10”) about her life, family and career.

J-FunkThis is yet another Seattlelite (Wow, three in a row) that I like to visit.  (Despite the fact that she calls my side of the lake the “Dark Side”!)  J-Funk is fairly new to the area and it’s fun watching her “play tourist” and settle in just as we did when we first arrived.

PastorRickYep, my baby brother is man enough to proudly display his Rockin’ Girl Blogger Banner.  (He always did want to be just like me).  Actually he has two blogs and the best one is where he posts photos of my adorable twin nieces.  (I’m can’t help but wonder where those photos of him dressed up as a Foxy Lady are though….)

Coffeespaz-Well, you know anyone with a coffee theme is going to win my heart!  You never know what you are going over at Krista’s.  It could be a tear-jerker story, a history lesson, something from her past or in her daily life.

GawilliThe first thing I always notice at Gawilli’s is the wonderful eye-candy.  Nearly every post features some great photos.  She tends to focus on nature or on things that happened “back in the day”.  There is always something wonderful over there!

Kell-Sometimes I think of Kell has my world travel tour guide.  She just came back from Italy and before that it was Scotland…wait I think I skipped the exciting trip to Kansas! In addition to that, she bakes, (her pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe is my fave!) quilts and is a voracious reader.  She’s an all around awesome gal!

Lynnedidn’t request a banner, but she deserves to be called a Rockin’ Girl too so I’m giving her one!

Congrats to you all! You may pick up your banner below and display it proudly!  (Stephanie, don’t forget your tiara!) You also have the power to annoint others.  Whooohooo!

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15 Responses to The Envelope Please…

  1. Carol says:

    I am sooo honored!! I’d like to thank the academy… of ONE! Wow — you made my day! (Yes, I am easily pleased, but still…)

    And thanks for all the links to other great blogs! I added a bunch to my Google reader, and tonight I have about 100 new posts to catch up with.

    “Around the corner” which way? Up hill or down? East? West? North? South? This is such an odd mystery!


  2. pastorrick says:

    Yippee I made it. So now what do I do that I am a Rockin Girl ???? I hope my friends don’t find out about this award because i might have some explaining to do.

  3. Jeff says:

    Big Gratz to all the winners!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Yippee!!! I’m totally honored to have been crowned (oh..I mean…picked!!) as a rockin’ girl blogger. of these days we really really need to meet up. Let’s wait until my face doesn’t look like a mutant freak though. Then you can come over and I’ll have you help me make soap!! Sound like a plan?

  5. Hi Susan…

    Thanks ;p (((((((((((( blushing )))))))))))

    I am speechless he he. You know, that’s exactly how I feel about you and your family. I learn so much from you, I get descriptions about the real family life. ;p

    Keep blogging!

  6. Dorky Dad says:

    Congrats on the Rockin’ Girl Blogger. And congrats to all the winners!

  7. Dorky Dad says:

    Congrats on being a rockin’ blogger. And congrats to all of the wieners. (I mean winners 😉 )

  8. renate1945 says:

    Hi Susan,

    Renate here. I took up your and Carol’s challenge and now have a blog at wordpress. You were right–it’s easy.

  9. renate1945 says:

    I meant, of course


  10. gawilli says:

    Gee thanks Susan! Coming from a real picture person like yourself I am deeply honored. I will do my best to be a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. Now, what about that theme song…

  11. Susan says:

    Carol~Yep, it’s official…you’re a goofball! UP the hill and to the right!

    Ricky~you have to put the banner on your blog now. *I* wouldn’t tell any of your friends, you believe me don’t you?

    Jeff~You can still have one!

    Stephanie~But think of the great photos I could get!!!!

    Pretty~Um…I’m not sure you should take my family as an example of what normal is!!!

    Dorky Dad~Be careful lest you be roasted.

    Renate~I’m coming…

    Gawilli~I’ve got one in mind. I just need to figure out how to put together a slide show (and you know me and techie stuff1) I’ll get it, hopefully sooner than later.

  12. Lynne says:

    Sorry I haven’t checked in lately Susan. And look what I found when I did! Yes, congrats on your award and thanks so much for including me in your awardees! 🙂 I was surprised to see my name listed!

  13. snpnmnmi says:

    Thanks so for stopping by my blog while I’ve been absent lately! It goes without saying, but you know how you feel when you can’t make it around to all your “bluggies” (new word… maybe not). And thanks for all of the new blogs to visit! Yippee, a new WPer! The grass IS greener on this side. So, the lemon slices have made a comeback, huh? hehe And oh, the orange jeep!! Will it seat 5?

  14. Kell says:

    Wow! Thanks, Susan. That definitely cheered me up! I feel very honored and quite rockin’!

  15. coffespaz says:

    WOW….thanks Susan. How very sweet of you and what terrific timing! Thanks so much! 🙂

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