The History of Spam

(The title must be spoken in a stilted and pompous manner)

When I was a little girl we would sometimes, as a special treat, be served one of our favorite entrees.  My mom had several ways to serve this yummy treat.  Sometimes she would chop it up and serve chunks of it in beans.  Other times she would combine it with pineapple chunks and homemade sweet and sour sauce and serve it over rice.  My  favorite way to eat this delicacy was to simply fry it up in a pan.   This delectable  delight was called Spam. 

As kids, our taste buds still weren’t sophisticated enough to know that Spam was really kinda icky.    (Hey, we were also big fans of Cheez-Wiz and Vienna Sausage!) I know why we liked it, I’m just not sure why my mom bought it.  Although I suspect it may have had something to do with stretching out that military paycheck. 

Eventually we stopped seeing the appearance of Spam at our dinner table.  Instead we had normal meals, like Saturday Night Special, Goulash  and Tuna Casserole. For those really special nights (when Dad had Duty) we got to sit in front of the TV and dine on pancakes.  Ahhh, those were the days…

Anyways…Spam was gone from our lives until those wacky guys from Monty Python decided to immortalize it in a skit.  This skit (in case you haven’t seen it) is basically about a couple in a restaurant that serves Spam with everything whether it is wanted or not.  (Of course, I didn’t see this skit until I met up with Shaun.  I was very sheltered in that way.) 

A few years later, the Internet was invented.  It was a wonderful tool used primarily the government and for educational purposes.  In fact, it was so wonderful that the masses felt left out.  They demanded access and to be given a voice in this brave new world.   (And that’s where bloggers came from).  And where the masses are…the vultures come. 

Everyday I get my daily serving of unwanted Spam.  It ranges from stock tips and  cheap pharmaceuticals to learning to please my woman. (Oh yeah, they even tell me where I can get myself a woman if I was so inclined). 

Today…my blog received it’s 6000th piece of Spam.  I wonder how that would taste if I fried it up? 

Happy Spam Day!

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Edit to add: I just found out I’m behind in the contest! Ack! Help! (am I too silly?)


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Of COURSE the geek that I married just happens to have an empty Spam can in the computer room!

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