The History of Spam

(The title must be spoken in a stilted and pompous manner)

When I was a little girl we would sometimes, as a special treat, be served one of our favorite entrees.  My mom had several ways to serve this yummy treat.  Sometimes she would chop it up and serve chunks of it in beans.  Other times she would combine it with pineapple chunks and homemade sweet and sour sauce and serve it over rice.  My  favorite way to eat this delicacy was to simply fry it up in a pan.   This delectable  delight was called Spam. 

As kids, our taste buds still weren’t sophisticated enough to know that Spam was really kinda icky.    (Hey, we were also big fans of Cheez-Wiz and Vienna Sausage!) I know why we liked it, I’m just not sure why my mom bought it.  Although I suspect it may have had something to do with stretching out that military paycheck. 

Eventually we stopped seeing the appearance of Spam at our dinner table.  Instead we had normal meals, like Saturday Night Special, Goulash  and Tuna Casserole. For those really special nights (when Dad had Duty) we got to sit in front of the TV and dine on pancakes.  Ahhh, those were the days…

Anyways…Spam was gone from our lives until those wacky guys from Monty Python decided to immortalize it in a skit.  This skit (in case you haven’t seen it) is basically about a couple in a restaurant that serves Spam with everything whether it is wanted or not.  (Of course, I didn’t see this skit until I met up with Shaun.  I was very sheltered in that way.) 

A few years later, the Internet was invented.  It was a wonderful tool used primarily the government and for educational purposes.  In fact, it was so wonderful that the masses felt left out.  They demanded access and to be given a voice in this brave new world.   (And that’s where bloggers came from).  And where the masses are…the vultures come. 

Everyday I get my daily serving of unwanted Spam.  It ranges from stock tips and  cheap pharmaceuticals to learning to please my woman. (Oh yeah, they even tell me where I can get myself a woman if I was so inclined). 

Today…my blog received it’s 6000th piece of Spam.  I wonder how that would taste if I fried it up? 

Happy Spam Day!

Did you remember to VOTE FOR ME today??? (we can vote once a day!)

Edit to add: I just found out I’m behind in the contest! Ack! Help! (am I too silly?)


Bit O Life


Of COURSE the geek that I married just happens to have an empty Spam can in the computer room!

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32 Responses to The History of Spam

  1. he he I am very tired of deleting spam, Susan =).

    Anyway the picture looks delicious ^^

  2. Giridhar says:

    Belive me i am not spaminy your blog. Are you thinking i am spamming? If yes, you can also do the same on my blog.

  3. pastorrick says:

    Saturday Night Special on a Thursday Night oh can life get much better?

  4. Swamp Witch says:

    Well, I’ve always wondered what SPAM actually looked like because I receive so much of it in my e-mail messages. I just didn’t know it came in a can. Now I know.

    But for real, theHansMan’s favorite meal when we married was cream corn and Spam…I almost gagged when I finally got it out of the can. It made this kind of sucking noise and then plopped out onto the skillet. How was I supposed to know to slice it and fry it?

    The madness continues at my place. The polls are open.

  5. Jenster says:

    You know Spam is HUGE in Hawaii. They have an annual Spam Festival and the Burger King there even serves Spamburgers.

    We’re going there next summer and you can bet I’m getting a Spamburger because that’s the kind of food I think of when I think of Paradise. Not really.

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I lived in Austin, MN, where they make the SPAM, for five years. It’s not something a person gets over, that smell.

  7. coffespaz says:

    Funny, I loved Vienna Sausages until I was about 9. To this day I don’t know why! 🙂

    Ahh…Spam. The funny name says it all.

    Perhaps you could make a tasty Spamburger with that 6,000th peice…cover it in Cheezwhiz and it’ll be tasty!

  8. Pavel says:

    rofl!!! Thanks for the info. I love the Monty Python skit. Believe it or not, I have never eaten spam… Not because I didn’t want it or anything, it just wasn’t introduced in my house as a child and now I know what it is and I haven’t mustered the courage to try it.

  9. Kell says:

    Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam . . .

    I know we had Spam, cut I don’t remember it too well. I do remember the Vienna Sausages, though. Ew.

    On my way over to Swampy!

  10. Susan says:

    Pretty~They are a pain aren’t they?

    Giridhar~spammers don’t ask, so I guess you’re not spam. 🙂

    Ricky~Those were the days!

    Swampy~With creamed corn? Ewww that’s the 2nd worse food group!

    Jenster~I had forgotten that. I remember seeing the Spamburgers at a fast food drive though.

    Jocelyn~You poor, poor thing. It never occurred to me that someone made it on purpose…I thought it just arrived from space or something like that.

    Coffeespaz~Um…yeah…tasty…. LOL

    Pavel~What kind of horrible place did you grow up in?!!! Your mom *seemed* so nice….

    Kell~I asked the girls what was something they liked as little kids, but not as bigger kids. They came up with Pizza Bites and Goldfish. Those weren’t even invented when I was a kid! So I had to dig hard to remember Vienna Sausages…

  11. Susan says:

    Oh, I forgot to say THANKS to everyone that keeps voting for me! I’ll remember you ALL when I am a famous Special Award Winner!!!!

  12. Jay says:

    Hmm … my blog gets almost no spam at all. And I don’t even have the word verification turned on. I may get spam mail because of my blog, but gmail does a good job of filtering it out.

    Don’t bad mouth Vienna Sausage! I like white wine with mine. 😉

  13. tommiea says:

    I don’t get much Spam at all…..maybe I should be spam-jealous.

    btw, that just cracks me up that he had a random empty can hangining around

  14. gawilli says:

    We never ate Spam. My mom said it was because my dad had to eat so much of it while he was in the army, he couldn’t stand the sight of it. I thought I was missing out on something because my friends got to have it. How funny.

    I think I just broke 300 Spams since I have moved to WordPress – before that I never saw them. Happy Spam Day, Susan!

  15. Susan says:

    Jay~Wordpress has a feature that uses Akismet. It’s a program that blocks all the Spam and counts it for you. I usually go through because it sometimes catches certain phrases like “new trick” that are actually OK.

    Tommiea~Would you like me to forward some to you?

    gawilli~That is really funny! The things we are jealous of. My best friends mom was always making homemade tortillas that I would gobble down. Hmmm…I would still love to have those.

  16. Jeff says:

    When growing up, on our family camping trips we always brought spam along. I don’t remember eating it any other time though. Same for Vienna sausages. I admit I still like both……and Cheez Whiz too.

  17. Keshi says:

    Spam stands to prove how much gunk we hv in this world. LOL!


  18. Dorky Dad says:

    Spam? You actually ate that stuff? I thought you were supposed to buy Spam and then keep it in your cupboard forever in case the power went out.

  19. We ate Spam, too! I remember Spam and scrambled eggs for supper.

    I tagged you for a meme that I think you will enjoy doing so go check it out!

  20. Cazzie says:

    You bring back great memories here. Spam was good back in the day I reckon..and my kids would probably like it too. But my SPAM is minced meat. I can cook it a thousand ways and make it nutritional and all. I can make burgers, rissoles, bolognese anything…. wonder if the will re name SPAM …MINCE!!! LOL

  21. Lynne says:

    awww … I’m sorry you lost the contest by only 3 votes! I voted for you each day …

  22. Wendy says:

    In Ausyin Texas they used to have a Spamarama celebration every year. I remember eating some really vile spam dishes there! Sorry you lost the Swampwitch contest – I did SO like your prose!

  23. Wendy says:

    They need an edit function on these comments things – that is supposed to say Austin, Texas (I shouldn’t type before my morning coffee!!)

  24. Cheryl says:

    I loved Spam growing up. Sometimes I think of buying a can for old times sakes.

    Spam on your blog? And so much? That stinks!

  25. Mojokat says:

    Heh heh heh! Spam…that is something that is always around in our family. My Dad is a HUGE fan of Spam. He’ll eat it anyway you slice it. I, on the other hand pretty much only eat it when it is cubed up in tiny cubes and fried up in scrambled eggs with LOTS of cheese. I’ll have to get a picture of the top shelf of our food cabinet…you can’t imagine the number of spam cans and vienna sausages that are there…scary, really! LOL!

    I did vote for you every day, btw…I don’t know the results yet, but I know you deserve the win!!!!

  26. TaunaLen says:

    OOOOh. Spam, Vienna Sausage, Potted Meat. I couldn’t believe the stuff my (future) husband ate the first time I saw the contents of his kitchen cabinets. He will still buy potted meat, spread it on two slices of white bread, and eat it for lunch. But he eats green vegetables now, too. Go me!


  27. photowannabe says:

    Funny, and a trip down memory lane. When we had vacation in Hawaii a few years ago it was during the Spam Festival. They did everything imaginable with that stuff. Actually at a franchise called L&L restaurant (A Hawaiian restaurant)on the Mainland, its very prominant on the menu.

  28. mrs darling says:

    We use to get spam free from the government surplus. I loved it then but hate it now!

  29. Andrea says:

    Yo! Okay, so did you grow up in the Midwest? Cuz boy this post struck a cool-whipped-covered chord with me. No spam in our house, but tuna casseroles, goulash and jello with marshmallows were a staple on my plate of life. How about canned peas? Ever eat those? I did. just discovered your blog from the yahoo group and just lovin it. . okay, i’m quite long winded. . .going now, be back again soon! Andrea (

  30. Willowtree says:

    SPAM (or Specially Processed American Meat) was created to help lessen the food shortages in Britain in the aftermath of WWII, and is now one of the staples of Hawaiian cuisine. I’m not kidding! There are actually restaurants that only serve SPAM!

    Useless info I know, but hey that’s what I’m all about. Plus I’ve actually worked on the manufacture of the stuff.

  31. Pam Fifer says:

    Here is a great Spam recipe. It’s called Spam Polinesian and it does cut that bad after taste. Try it you’ll like it.. 1 can spam diced, 1 can pinapple chunks/tidbits, 1 pack wild rice /brown rice. Fry your spam cook the rice. Add pinapple and cooked rice to the spam. Drizzle a bit of Soy sause and enjoy! Makes about three large portions and 5 regular.

  32. ell says:

    Funny but that nut Andrew Zimmern will eat anything from rotted meat and raw eggs in some rathole in Arabia to eating the eyes of a freshly caught fish in Vietnam, but the thought of eating Spam turns his stomach.

    Love dem chunks of Spam in red beans and rice here in New Orleans.

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