To Meet a Blogger

Shaun has very mixed feelings about my blogging.  On the one hand, he loves that I do it.  He loves the way that I can tell a story in the written word.  He claims that it’s not nearly as entertaining as when I try to tell him about it.  My words get tangled up, I get distracted and it often just doesn’t make sense to others as I have my own way of thinking.  When I write, I have to slow down enough to be coherent to others.

On the other blogging hand, Shaun isn’t crazy about the other bloggers.  (Sorry!) He thinks the only reason anyone leaves comments on other blogs is because they want them to come to their blogs.  There may be a teensy grain of truth to that, but I really like seeing what’s going on in the lives of my blogging buddies. 

Needless to say, when Oddmix emailed me last week to say he was coming to town for business and wanted to know if we were available to meet him, Shaun was a bit taken aback.  He couldn’t quite understand why this stranger would want to meet us.  I explained to him that OM wasn’t a stranger.  I knew all about him and his wonderful family, just as he knew about us.  Heck, he’s one of my oldest blog buddies and even helped me to move over to WordPress from Blogger. 

On Sunday afternoon we picked OM up at his hotel.  I climbed into the back of the jeep (being quite thankful for the shorts part of my skort!) because Mimi didn’t want to sit by the strange man I’m polite that way.  From then on, Shaun and OM had a lively conversation.  Between the wind and the fear of falling out of the jeep, I might have caught every fifth word of the conversation.   

The plan was to bring OM to aquarium and visit KT on the job at the same time.  OM had the brilliant idea of playing a trick on our girl (I knew I liked him!)  He was going to echo something a kid did on KT’s first day at the aquarium and pretend to shoot the fish.  Our girl was pretty much convinced he was a lunatic and just took him with a grain of salt. 

All in all it was a good day.  OM is just as real and as warm as he comes across on his blog.  I’d show you a picture, but…well….I kinda didn’t take any despite the fact that I hauled my camera around with me all day.  I guess I figured I had enough aquarium shots and didn’t think any more of it.  Sigh…


Bit O Life

The ONE very bad picture I took on Sunday.  KT on the job…

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