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Shaun has very mixed feelings about my blogging.  On the one hand, he loves that I do it.  He loves the way that I can tell a story in the written word.  He claims that it’s not nearly as entertaining as when I try to tell him about it.  My words get tangled up, I get distracted and it often just doesn’t make sense to others as I have my own way of thinking.  When I write, I have to slow down enough to be coherent to others.

On the other blogging hand, Shaun isn’t crazy about the other bloggers.  (Sorry!) He thinks the only reason anyone leaves comments on other blogs is because they want them to come to their blogs.  There may be a teensy grain of truth to that, but I really like seeing what’s going on in the lives of my blogging buddies. 

Needless to say, when Oddmix emailed me last week to say he was coming to town for business and wanted to know if we were available to meet him, Shaun was a bit taken aback.  He couldn’t quite understand why this stranger would want to meet us.  I explained to him that OM wasn’t a stranger.  I knew all about him and his wonderful family, just as he knew about us.  Heck, he’s one of my oldest blog buddies and even helped me to move over to WordPress from Blogger. 

On Sunday afternoon we picked OM up at his hotel.  I climbed into the back of the jeep (being quite thankful for the shorts part of my skort!) because Mimi didn’t want to sit by the strange man I’m polite that way.  From then on, Shaun and OM had a lively conversation.  Between the wind and the fear of falling out of the jeep, I might have caught every fifth word of the conversation.   

The plan was to bring OM to aquarium and visit KT on the job at the same time.  OM had the brilliant idea of playing a trick on our girl (I knew I liked him!)  He was going to echo something a kid did on KT’s first day at the aquarium and pretend to shoot the fish.  Our girl was pretty much convinced he was a lunatic and just took him with a grain of salt. 

All in all it was a good day.  OM is just as real and as warm as he comes across on his blog.  I’d show you a picture, but…well….I kinda didn’t take any despite the fact that I hauled my camera around with me all day.  I guess I figured I had enough aquarium shots and didn’t think any more of it.  Sigh…


Bit O Life

The ONE very bad picture I took on Sunday.  KT on the job…

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  1. Becca says:

    That’s awesome! I have yet to meet a blogger I didn’t adore. And who wasn’t exactly what they appear to be. Warm, kind, and wonderful people.

  2. Mojokat says:

    That is so neat that you got to meet a fellow blogger!
    I assure you that I am not commenting on your site JUST to get you to view mine (have you seen my most recent photos??—J/K)
    I snuck over to OddMix’s site and found pictures of his trip! I really need to get to Seattle sometime again…it’s so pretty up there, plus my really good friends on the other side of the border would be really happy if I’d come see them again, too!

    Ok, off I go…have a good one…Have you seen the pics YET???? hahahaha

  3. mjd says:

    That is wonderful. I have met a few bloggers,but that was through my daughter-in-law. That is to say these people are my daughter-in-laws friends, who happen to blog too. Meeting some of our inside-the-box friends would be great. Now, I am off to look at the pictures at Odd Mix’s site; he is a fabulous photographer.

  4. Lynne says:

    How very cool! If you ever come my way, Susan, you’d better let me know!

    As a favorite blog person of mine says, you can have such things as a “blog family” and even “blog kin.” We all do know a lot about each other without ever having met. I like it!

  5. Cazzie says:

    Nope, Shaun got me all wrong here. I blog because I want to, it is my online diary for my kids to read when I am gone, it is complete.
    I comment when I can on things that interest me. Commenting allows us to go, “Oh oh oh, I so know what that is like” Or…”Oh yeah, that reminds ME of the time when….” It keeps the memory going.
    Some of the blogs on my blog roll I comment on because they interest me. But, those people NEVER comment on mine. It does not worry me, they are there on the blogroll because I like them and that is it.
    Plus, I think you fond me didn’t you? And I am glad you did 🙂
    I have been to meet a few people from my area who are readers of my blog, and I them, now we are great friends..and so, it is ot just about sitting here typing away anymore..and they beome part of my diary 🙂
    The acquarium, I love ours here in town, love me fishes 🙂

  6. Cazzie says:

    Wow, look at those smiley faces !!

  7. Jay says:

    So that’s where Odd Mix wandered off to. haha

    I haven’t had the chance to meet a fellow blogger yet. But, someday there will be a big blogger blowout. I hope.

  8. Cool. I ever met blogger, but she is my neighbor and we had known each other before =)

    Good luck for KT

  9. Kell says:

    I think we’re all lucky we found each other. The bloggers I know and met are honest and kind, and it’s nice to have others to talk to and read about. Glad you got to meet OM.

  10. coffespaz says:

    “You can pick your friends, you can’t pick your family!”

    Friends, whether “real” or “digital”, are the best part of life! Though my hubby has absolutely no interest in blogging either. I gently admonished him when he wouldn’t read one of my posts because he “just isn’t in to that kind of thing!” [He read the post. :-D]

    So glad you got to meet our Oddie! He seems like a wonderful guy. Wouldn’t that be fun to have a Blogger convention somewhere so we can all travel and meet each other! 🙂

  11. Peace says:

    It is strange how quickly after just reading my favorite blogs, that I feel like their my friends….real friends. I know many peoples happiest moments and some of their saddest. I know when they are proud of their kids, share a disappointment or mad at a husband or sister. I think it is very cool that you all got a chance to meet. Did Shaun change his mind after meeting him? It must now make reading that blog all the more like a real freind!

    And yes, of course, we may initially comment hoping to draw someone to our blogs, but (at least for me) my first comment came months after reading my favorite bloggers…I felt like I was jumping in with the cool kids sitting at the cafeteria “can I sit here?” You know, hoping to be accepted and allowed to join the conversation! There is just some connection with who we meet blogging!

  12. oddmix says:

    I had a ton of fun Sunday afternoon with you all. I was really concerned that I had freaked KT right out. I was glad to find that she thought it was funny. Shaun was as cool as I thought he would be. He may have thought me a stranger, but I thought of him as at least a friendly acquaintance even before I met him. How cool is that? And maybe next time Mimi will let me sit in the back of the Big Orange Jeep with her.

    There are some pretty good pictures of you Slices of Life on my flickr page. I will email you any that I didn’t post.

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