Wild About Harry (NOT a spoiler)

 Just in the off-chance you’ve been abducted by aliens or something similar, I thought I’d take a moment and remind you that today is The Day.   The Day that the  last Harry Potter book is finally  released.

I hadn’t realized it, but of course Shaun has had it ordered from Amazon for time now.  I may have mentioned my doubts as to that being the quickest way to get the book.  It seemed that the last Harry Potter book didn’t arrive until quite late in the day.  In fact I had picked up a copy at Safeway that morning before I even knew that he had ordered it as a surprise for our girl.  

The thought of waiting a single second longer than she possibly had to was very distressing to our KT.  She started pestering her father with questions about when the book would arrive.  Then she started asking him if he would just go buy her one at the grocery store if the ordered book didn’t arrive by certain times.  He responded with a vague “We’ll see”.

At about 11:30 last night, Shaun crept into KT’s room.  She woke up with a start when he asked her if she was dressed.  She looked at him like he was crazy as he continued on, telling her that if she was dressed they could go for a ride…to the bookstore!  I’m not sure you can imagine what a jubilant girl we had as she scurried to get ready and head out to the jeep. 

Shaun and KT arrived to join a horde of a couple hundred people all eagerly waiting to clasp the newest book in their hands.  (Mimi and I were just too pooped from a week of camp to join them!)

harry crowd

They were nearly to the head of the line when Shaun panicked and told KT that he had just realized that in the rush to leave the house he had forgotten to grab his wallet and wouldn’t be able to purchase the book after all.  KT, of course, had known this man her entire life and didn’t fall for it. 

Harry Potter kt013

She was ecstatic to finally have it!  KT read one paragraph in the car before she decided that she would wait until she got home to start reading it.  When she came home she brewed herself a strong cup of tea and started reading.  When I got up this morning, she was still  wide awake and reading!

Harry Potterreading 015 

About ten minutes ago, KT came out of her room with a tear-streaked  face.  She handed me the book and told me she was “all-dried up”.  I asked her what that meant, and she told me that she had been bawling for the last three hours and didn’t have any tears left!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to read…

NOTE:Just as I was finishing this up and getting ready to crack the cover of the book, the UPS man arrived!  KT has decided that she is going to keep it forever in pristine condition.

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3 Responses to Wild About Harry (NOT a spoiler)

  1. Patsy Ann says:

    Well now that ”That” is over KT can get on with the rest of her life! How long did it take her to read the BOOK? She told me the other day that she thought she could read it in 3 hours! Did she do it? Happy reading Sue

  2. Dan says:

    Susan, thanks for visiting my blog while I was away. You’re sweet.

    So does Harry get killed? Does he? Tell me. I want to go and stand in line at the book store and shout out spoilers.

    Just kidding. 🙂

  3. MY husband (the library worker) ordered the library binding edition so while everyone else’s book arrived on Saturday – we will have to wait and hope nothing spoils it for us! It is so hard to know everyone else is reading and we are like little unilluminated spots in the universe!!

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