You Lose Some, You Win Some

This morning  I stumbled bleary eyed to my computer with coffee cup in hand and checked my e-mail.  (Don’t even tell me that you don’t head to the computer first thing in the morning) I found to my great dismay that despite all of your best efforts to help me win the Special Award, it went to somebody else.  (Although I kept hearing rumors that she would post some…uh…interesting photos if she won…) Then I realized that I would probably not win any of Tink’s contests today (she’s having at least four) because the times don’t work for me.   Poor, poor me…

It was somewhere in the middle of my second cup of coffee that I remembered that I had just won two wonderful awards.  Yay Me!   Jeff awarded me with the  Schomooze Award.  (which sounds kinda like a sleazy used car salesman until you read the explanation on Jeff’s blog)

schmooze award

And Mike awarded me with the prestigious Creative Blogger Award.   

creative blogger.sharperjpg

Thank you both so very much!   

Only that sneaky Mike attached that 8 things about me meme to to his award so I have to do that too before I get to actually take the award.  (Do they have to be creative?)  I’ll do that later….maybe tomorrow.  (Is there a procrastinator award out there? I think I deserve it!)


Bit O Life


Our Mimi loves her watermelon!

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