Beautiful Babies

I’m going to try something new this month.  Yesterday, I stumbled across a new blog  called  Bella Dia. It’s a fun little mostly crafty blog.  She’s come up with a really fun idea.  For the month of August, she’s encouraging others to join her as she does the Encyclopedia of Me meme. Basically you go through the ABC’s giving a little insight to yourself.  As she started a day late and is on B today, that’s where I will start.  We’ll see how this goes for me.  (You may have realized by now that I’m not much of a rule follower.)

Last night, Mimi was being really sweet to her sister.  I had to make sure she wasn’t ill as the sibling rivalry as been pretty intense around here lately. She quietly told me that she just wanted her sister to love her the way she used to.  When I asked her what she meant, she revealed that she had been looking at all of our old scrapbooks.  The ones where she and her sister were best friends and inseparable. 

Mimi was born two days before KT’s second birthday.  We’ve always told her that Mimi was her birthday present.  It’s the one gift that has never gotten lost or shoved into a corner.  They’ve been lucky to share such a wonderful bond. 


This is the oldest digi photo we have. I guess I need to break the scanner out.

Lately as they are starting to grow up, things have become a bit strained between them.  It’s a hard place for a little sister to be in.  Having a bad case of idol worship on someone who’s searching for her own way.  Someone that doesn’t want to be saddled with a pesky baby sister.  (Not that I ever resented having a baby brother hanging around or anything)

For the most part the girls do get along.  It’s just that Mimi is hyper-sensitive to any perceived slight and lashes back out.  (We don’t call her the Feisty) Which just escalates things further.  I know that someday soon(ish) the girls will be back to being best friends. 

Until that day comes we will treasure the little moments when they are being sweet to each other and can’t bear to leave each other’s presence.  Like when they stayed up until who knows how long playing World of Warcraft with each other. 

If nothing else, it makes for some really quiet and peaceful mornings…


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The pesky little sister

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