Becoming Obsolete

Yesterday I opened my email to find that Shaun had sent me a link to an article on MSNBC.  It was titled “Saying Goodbye to your College-Bound Kids”.  Basically it was all about the melancholy so many parents feel when their children go off to school.  I just laughed and then replied to my beloved that KT was moving up to high school not college and that he was a dork.

Shaun has been fretting about our kids leaving us since they started walking.  Of course I scoff at his anxiousness.  (There’s a clause in our marriage vows that gives me that right. Unfortunately, I allowed him the same scoffing privileges.) I view our primary goals as parents as raising confident, independent adults that can fly freely on their own.  Shaun, on the other hand, has been steadily trying to convince the girls that when they get married they will bring their husbands home to live with us.  (See why I scoff?)

This morning, KT dragged me out of bed at the crack of dawn so I could take her to the information day at the high school.  Her excitement was contagious.  Despite my lack of caffeine, I was all set for what I viewed as a slightly older version of kindergarten orientation.  

We arrived at the high school and immediately ran into KT’s best friend in the parking lot .  They seemed content to walk along with me,  but I, in my infinite Mom Wisdom, could tell that the two of them would much rather be giggling  with each other instead.  I told them to go ahead and with barely a backward glance they were off to catch up with other friends they hadn’t seen all summer.  Occasionally, they would circle back to find me when KT needed yet another check for some activity or important purchase. 

I watched my little girl with a poignant mingling of pride and dismay.  Three short years ago, at the junior high orientation, I couldn’t pry my hand loose from KT’s clinging  grasp.   Just a few moments before that, my baby was wailing because I was leaving her all alone in a kindergarten classroom. 

As much as I hate to admit it, Shaun is right, the next three years are going to fly right by us.  Before we know it, our little girl will be settling into dorm life far away from us.  Of course she will come home on holidays and in the summer.  But she won’t need us any more.  I am finally getting a glimmer of the angst Shaun has been feeling for so long now.  Our baby is leaving us. 

I’m such a dork.


Bit O Life

embroidary results

Mimi’s embroidery results.  I nearly bawled when I saw that she had added on the “Mom” and the little heart.  (Yeah, I might be just a little emotional lately!)

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