Essential Electricity

The last time I needed to call an electrician was after a truck ran into a power transformer and caused a huge power surge throughout the entire neighborhood.   Everyone we knew lost a mountain of electronics, but we lost something more.  We had no power on the bottom level of our house.

After asking around, I called an electrician that came highly recommended.  He came out and poked around and had power back to us in no time.  When he finally stopped laughing he told me that there would be no charge for merely flipping the circuit breaker back on. 

So when the outlets  in our computer room suddenly stopped working the other night, I knew exactly who to call first thing the next morning.  (After  we triple checked the circuit box and pushed the Gsomethingsomething button as well as checking the mumblemumble.)  Only…it seemed as though my favorite electrician was was no longer in business.  

So I looked in the back of our local newspaper and called the first two ads that caught my eye and left a message for each of them.  The two that I called happened to be handymen that included electrical work in their list of expertise.  I started to wonder if I should call a real electrician just to be safe.  I headed back to the ads and left a couple more messages. 

After waiting patiently for at least an hour, I started getting antsy from my computer withdrawal.  So I called a few more numbers and left messages with them.   And then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I didn’t dare leave the house because I had only given my home number as I was sure that my call would be returned right away. 

 Just as I was leaving to pick up KT at the aquarium, one of the handymen finally returned my call.  I explained the problem and he said that he would have an electrician friend of his call me.  When I agreed to have the electrician come out that evening, (despite his astounding hourly fee…we were desperate!) he proceeded to talk me out of him coming!

The next morning, the handyman came out.  (It had gotten to the point that I was thrilled to have anyone come!) Apparently, it’s not such a great idea to plug power strips into power strips and fill them all up.  It has a tendency to overheat the system and make your computer system stop working. 

At  least he didn’t laugh out loud at me…


Bit O Life


The first fruits of KT’s garden. 

(She wanted me to “fix them” for her so that she could eat them.)

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