Fretting About Facebook

 I’m still working on the abc encyclopedia of me.  I double checked the rules, and lucky for me, it didn’t say anything about doing the alphabet in order!  On to the letter “F”!

Everybody knows that anybody who wants to be considered somebody has a Facebook page (or is planning on it!) by now.  Now, I don’t have any particular desire to upgrade from my nobody status, but…well…I hate to be left out. 

If it had just stayed in the academic world where it started I would be fine.  In fact if it was just the rest of the world, or just the girls or even just Shaun I would be fine.  But it’s the new “thang” and I was feeling lonely while I basked in my nonconformity.  (Who wants to be a non-conformist  alone?) We even have a family friend that left the beautiful Pacific Northwest to go work for Facebook.  (Talk about being a somebody…Oh hi James!) Somehow, I managed to resist that whole MySpace thing (it really wasn’t that hard for me) but this Facebook thing seemed a little different.

So, after much deliberation, I finally became the proud owner of my very own Facebook page a few weeks ago.  I confidently started filling out my profile.  Then I got to the friends page…hmmmm…..if everyone was doing this, then how come I didn’t know anyone outside my own family?  Of course, I was thrilled when my neighbor blogger Carol (who I haven’t managed to formally meet yet!) offered to be my Facebook friend.  But…um…how can I feel like a somebody with only four friends? (Three of whom don’t really count)

Apparently…I’m a just a poser.  Not only do I have no friends, I don’t really “get” the whole phenomenon.   Why would I want to poke someone or throw a sheep at them? (Although turning someone into a zombie could be fun!)  I’m sure once I figure this out, it will be great fun (you should know by now how resistant I am to changing technology) Maybe someday…somehow…I’ll end up lucky and manage to become a somebody after all.

Until then, wanna be my friend?


Bit O Life


Sheee muh teeff???

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