Fretting About Facebook

 I’m still working on the abc encyclopedia of me.  I double checked the rules, and lucky for me, it didn’t say anything about doing the alphabet in order!  On to the letter “F”!

Everybody knows that anybody who wants to be considered somebody has a Facebook page (or is planning on it!) by now.  Now, I don’t have any particular desire to upgrade from my nobody status, but…well…I hate to be left out. 

If it had just stayed in the academic world where it started I would be fine.  In fact if it was just the rest of the world, or just the girls or even just Shaun I would be fine.  But it’s the new “thang” and I was feeling lonely while I basked in my nonconformity.  (Who wants to be a non-conformist  alone?) We even have a family friend that left the beautiful Pacific Northwest to go work for Facebook.  (Talk about being a somebody…Oh hi James!) Somehow, I managed to resist that whole MySpace thing (it really wasn’t that hard for me) but this Facebook thing seemed a little different.

So, after much deliberation, I finally became the proud owner of my very own Facebook page a few weeks ago.  I confidently started filling out my profile.  Then I got to the friends page…hmmmm…..if everyone was doing this, then how come I didn’t know anyone outside my own family?  Of course, I was thrilled when my neighbor blogger Carol (who I haven’t managed to formally meet yet!) offered to be my Facebook friend.  But…um…how can I feel like a somebody with only four friends? (Three of whom don’t really count)

Apparently…I’m a just a poser.  Not only do I have no friends, I don’t really “get” the whole phenomenon.   Why would I want to poke someone or throw a sheep at them? (Although turning someone into a zombie could be fun!)  I’m sure once I figure this out, it will be great fun (you should know by now how resistant I am to changing technology) Maybe someday…somehow…I’ll end up lucky and manage to become a somebody after all.

Until then, wanna be my friend?


Bit O Life


Sheee muh teeff???

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24 Responses to Fretting About Facebook

  1. lol, who is the man on the picture, Susan? =) ha ha so funny.

    Congrats for your facebook!

  2. Dan says:

    My cat just bolted when she saw that photo.

  3. mrs darling says:

    I dont get the whole facebook thing either. Ive invited to view many peoples and I havent viewed any of them. My computer time is so limited I just cant imagine spending any of it in Facebook! I just dont get it!

  4. Karina says:

    Okay, I’m so glad you posted about Facebook, because I have questions. Just recently (as in, about 3 days ago) I received an invitation from my cousin to become a “friend” on Facebook with her…so I joined up, so I could check it out. I already have a myspace profile because an old junior high friend found me (long story, maybe I’ll do a blog entry about it one of these days)…anywho…moving on. SO…I log into Facebook, and um…I don’t get it. EVERY profile I’ve visited so far has NO INFORMATION on it at all…is this common? Maybe I’m just too used to all the “bling” and “glitz” over at myspace, but…NOTHING?? And I can’t find much information as to what the heck the sheep and zombies mean either…and I thought I was technologically savvy. HELP.

    OH, and I’ll be your friend.

  5. Susan says:

    Pretty~Oops, I guess I haven’t posted him in a while. That’s just Shaun. It’s actually a pretty typical pose for him!

    Dan~He would be pleased to hear that!

    Mrs. D~I think it’s kinda like blogging only even more personal…well…kinda. I just read an article about it that gives a bit more insight…it seems rather addictive and time consuming.

    Karina~You don’t get to see info about anyone until they agree to be your friend. It’s a way to protect privacy as people tend to put a lot of personal information on it for networking purposes. Yay, a new friend for me!!

  6. Carol says:

    I’ve had this Facebook thing going for (oooooh!) over a week now, and I gotta agree with you — I don’t get it. But I KNOW that my kids definitely get it! Kat has over 600 photos on Facebook (I guess it’s her online storage system) and all the kids basically use it in place of e-mail. But still — I don’t get it! At least let me make it look pretty, let me add more than just a URL, and let me make it more personal.


  7. Michelle says:

    I had a Facebook page for about 6 minutes before I decided it was TOO MUCH HASSLE. I mean, I already check voicemail on 2 different phones, I check email at 2 different address AND I blog. Good god! What more useless communication tools could I saddle myself with? 🙂

    What that all really means is that I was too durned lazy to care about updating my page. Thus, it got deleted.

    If I still had it though, I’d be your friend. 😉

  8. Jay says:

    I THINK I have a Facebook page. But I haven’t done a thing with it. I have a Myspace too, with 26 friends. Most of those friends on Myspace are also blog friends though. I refuse to download the instant messenger for mypace though. I already have AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Skype. That’s enough! LOL

  9. JennieBoo says:

    I’d love to be your frien! And don’t worry…you’ll get the hang of it….

    The pic here is Awesome BTW! heeheehee

  10. Tylor says:

    I would add you as a friend if I could find you. All I really know to go by is Susan in Seattle.

  11. Kell says:

    I’m so out of the loop I don’t even know what Facebook is. I’m lucky I can figure out blogger, and I don’t even know that much about it. Good for you wandering around the wide wide web.

  12. coffespaz says:

    I’m right there with Michelle. My BFF already tells me I am too wired! Not to burst your bubble, I’m happy for you that you found Facebook. But I’ll happily be your friend without it! 🙂

  13. What’s Facebook?

    I’ll be your friend, I don’t have any anyway…..:roll:

  14. Stephanie says:

    Okay…so you think you are lame huh? I must be living under a rock somewhere because I’ve never even heard of facebook before. Is it like myspace? I gather it is from your post….but I’m not joinin!!! I have a myspace account that I look at like…oh….once a month! So I don’t see the point :o)

  15. renate1945 says:

    I just heard about Facebook for the first time the other day. I can’t figure it out either. Besides, I just started blogging and it took a lot to get me to do that. I am too OLD to take on more than one thing at a time.

  16. Callista says:

    When my brother first recommended I join Facebook I was like, why? I was very doubtful but I joined and now I have over 30 friends. All of these friends currently are people I have known in real life. Most are past classmates, that’s where I like it. I have contacted many past friends and classmates from grade school and high school and conversed wtih them. Some I’m even now meeting up with again and our kids play.

    There are parts of it I don’t care about like the sheep throwing, zombies and other applications, but I like some like catbook and dogbook.

    I understand why you can’t see all information if you aren’t friends but I do think a little bit more information should be able to be seen without being friends. Perhaps age and hometown because I’m having trouble finding some classmates because there are 100’s of people with the same name and they are listed under the hometown or school they are at now, which doesn’t help me if they moved. Does that help?

  17. Cazzie says:

    Noish teesh for shoore, hahha

  18. Keshi says:

    I think Im too old for Facebook 🙂


  19. giveitatry says:

    And THAT is why I don’t have a facebook account! I would not have any friends and that would make me sad. Also, uh, I really don’t get the throwing of sheep or turning into zombie thing.

    I’ve always wanted to be a cool kid, but I don’t think it is happening anytime soon.

  20. wolfbaby says:

    ummm errrrrr

    whats a face book?

  21. Peggy says:

    I have made a policy decision to ignore Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. I don’t need them in my life. It complicates things. Good on you for attempting it!

  22. I used to be an eBay addict until Facebook came along. It saved me a lot of money.

    Then, I started blogging and now I don’t have time for Facebook. None of my friends know I blog, so they want to know why I’m not Facebooking.

    I think you can only have time for one big internet hobby and if you blog, that’s enough.

  23. Fernanda says:

    I just saw this post because it showed up as a related post to my recent post about Facebook here:

    I bet by now you’ve either figured out how to make it work for you or dropped it. I found the same issue where I didn’t understand how it worked and I couldn’t get any real information about any of my friends on it, or at least not in any normal way.

    I’m not too worried about how many “friends” I have, and I hardly check my page, after just a few weeks. At this point it’s a poor return for my time, as in I get very little information or connection after spending a lot of time on it, so I’ve more or less decided it’s not really worth it, but I may log in once a month or so just to keep the page alive for awhile.

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