Irresistible Ice Cream

This week, Fun Monday is sponsored by Beckie at Give it a Try.  We’ve been asked to tell what our favorite treat is and why we like it so much.   I didn’t even have to think about what my favorite treat is, the words Ice Cream just immediately pop up in my head. 


I like any kind of ice cream, but my very favorite is what I call “chocolate with goopies”.  Basically chocolate ice cream with something added to it to give it some texture.  My current favorite is Moose Tracks, but like I said, I’ll even settle for plain vanilla. 

The reason I adore ice cream so much is also a no-brainer.  It’s genetic.  (Seriously,  it’s one of those dominant genes, just like brown eyes.  Didn’t you learn that in biology?)

My grandparents, so the story goes, fell in love because of ice cream.  These were two very different people with pretty much nothing in common except for that frozen concoction our family loves so well.  They were introduced by a mutual friend, who jokingly said that they would give each other a run for the money when it came to eating ice cream. 

The challenge was on to see who loved ice cream the most.  An outing was arranged and they were off to the local ice cream shop.  


I’ve never really heard the details of how that first date went, but it must have been a sweet one because all eight of their children and all of their grandkids and even the great grandkids are ice cream lovers. 

With genes that strong, did I even have a chance?

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  1. Yummy!!! What a great post!!

  2. lisa says:

    Chocolate Ice Cream is the BEST! 🙂 Enjoyed your story and photo, I can’t stop licking the screen, ok not really.

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