Memes And Awards

A while back, I was tagged by Jennieboo for the Google meme.

1) Go to

2) Click on Google images

3) Type in your name and search

4) Repost (w/ a link) the picture of the oddest, craziest, strangest, coolest, oldest, etc. person that shares your name. Post multiples if you find a few you like.

5) Pass it on to at least 5 other people.

So…I typed in my full name and got…oh pretty much nothing.   Well, I wouldn’t say nothing, just nothing that would fit the meme.  For reasons unknown to me, I got images of everything from cakes, flowers, musical instruments and elephants.  Go figure. 

I decided to try just my first name.  My research goes to show that while we Susans are a diverse lot, most of us are freakishly bookish or are exhibitionists.  So I decided to show the image of a Susan (that really isn’t a Susan)


About the time I switched back over to Susan from being called Sue, the movie “Desperately Seeking Susan” came out.  It nearly made me want to go back to being called (A Boy Named) Sue again.  I just couldn’t win!

Anyways….on to my award.  Pretty in the City has awarded me with the “Nice Matters Award”.  (Isn’t that nice of her?)
nice_matters award “This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.  Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

I really don’t like giving out these awards because the thought of leaving someone out is so distressing to me.  (See how nice I am???)  I’m trying to think of who I haven’t awarded and tagged before.  (You know the award come with a catch, right?)

1. Frances~who started She Who Blogs and goes out of her way to encourage and support everyone.  Plus she has some amazing shots of NYC.

2. Tink~ Because she is just so wonderful to everyone.  Besides she cracks me up every time I go to visit her.

3. My Mom~Because, despite the fact that she is an inconsistent  blogger, the award reminds me of a fancy Mother’s day card.  And…well…she is my mother.

4. KT~Because she has never given me a fancy frou-frou card for Mother’s Day

5. Dorky Dad~ Because he’s a really nice guy whose blog could use a touch of pink.  )

6. Betty~Because she’s the mother of two really awesome bloggers.  (and she has a pretty great blog herself.)

7. Michelle~Because I like her and her photography.  (And I don’t think the pink will clash too much with her template!)

What do you mean I can’t give out awards based on who I think will like the pink the most? All is says in the rules is that they have to be nice and inspire good feelings!

Thanks Mel!

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