My Very Important Job

As chauffeur of the family, I seem to find myself doing a lot of waiting.  Currently it’s only Martial Arts but the girls are trying to go nearly every day.   It’s only about an hour so it really doesn’t make sense to go back home after dropping them off.   I usually use that time to sit in the car and read a book or more frequently run any errands that need to be taken car of in town.  (Not that there are very many errands I can do in our little bitty town.) 

For entertainment grocery shopping, I frequently find myself headed to our new Costco.  (Technically it’s not really new as it has been there for about a year, but that’s just what I call it)  It’s a perfect time to go as there usually isn’t much of a crowd at that time of day.  There’s all sorts of stuff to spend our money on gaze at in wonderment.  You can get anything at Costco.  (As long as you don’t mind that it comes in jumbo size). 

One thing I don’t ever do it join the feeding frenzy that surrounds the “Sample Ladies”.   While I don’t see anything wrong with it, (it’s their job to give away free food so it’s perfectly fine to accept it.) it still offends me to be a part of it.  I think this dates back to when my girls were tiny.  I just couldn’t get past the feeling that people must have thought they were starving little orphans begging for crumbs for passing strangers. 

So imagine my surprise when one of the Sample Ladies singled me out and beckoned me over to her the other night.   As I approached her, she glanced around as if to make sure nobody was around. Then she asked me if I was looking for a part-time job.   A zillion questions went zipping through my head.  Why did she select me  to ask?  Were my capris not fancy enough for Costco? Did I look destitute or starving? Of course, I didn’t ask her any of these burning questions…I mere thanked her and declined the offer. 

After all, I already have a full time job.  I’m the family Chauffeur…

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