NOT the Alien Encounter

I’ve been sitting here, trying very hard to tell you about my alien encounter.  But it seems that I’m all worked up about something else, so I’m going to give you my first ever vent.

As a mom, I feel it is important to be in contact with what’s going on with my girls.  For that reason, I have been an active member of the PTA ever since they started school.  I loved doing things such as Classic Books (leading an age-appropriate  book club) and Art Docent (teaching about the great artists and providing a project to reinforce what they learned.)  Basically anything that had me in there with the kids was the way to go. 

When the girls moved up to Junior High, I figured that I didn’t really need to be as involved.  There really wasn’t as much to do with the kids (other than supervise a dance…UGH!) and I wasn’t interested in dealing with the adult side of the PTA.   Then someone that I admired and respected asked me to be a part of the board.   I hesitated a long time.  I didn’t really want to have anything to do with it.   Finally, I accepted the position of “Volunteer Coordinator” .  Mostly because I didn’t want to be pestered anymore and the only options were that or to be president.  (and I really, really didn’t want to be president!)

 I don’t care for the position, although it isn’t that hard.   Mostly it involves a lot of tedious computer work.  And even more tedious meetings.  It astounds me how some of these woman can go on and on about…oh…nothing.  They always go longer than they are scheduled.  I’m not sure what it is about the woman that are attracted to the PTA…but we don’t seem to click. 

I’m not sure why I am still here for a second year, but I am having a major conflict with one of the other board members.   Because of  I want to throttle her resign my post, but it seems wrong to do so.  Shaun, who is used to the office politics game, thinks I should confront this woman, but I don’t like conflict and really don’t even want anything to do with her.   I guess I will be calling her soon, although it’s quite possible that she is oblivious  to how my stomach gets all tied  up in knots whenever I think about the situation. 

Maybe I will be having another alien encounter soon…  (and maybe now, after my lame first ever venting session I can tell you about the first one.)


Bit O Life


Speaking of irritations, this is the main reason I don’t usually like going to the fair!

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