The Joys of TV

When I was a kid, I loved watching TV.  I spent as much time as I possibly could with Gilligan, Speed Racer, Gopher, and Gage.  I dreamed of living on the ranch with Little Joe or hanging out with Laura on the Prairie.  Life was good. 

Then one day, the TV died yet again.  My cruel and uncaring  wise  and concerned parents decided that we didn’t need it and simply wouldn’t get it fixed.  It was really hard at first.  I had no idea what I could possibly do to fill up my endless days.  (You can only beat up on your baby brother for so long before it gets boring).  We took to playing in the canyons across the street from our house and then discovered the joys of reading.  I realized that watching TV wasn’t nearly as entertaining to me.

After I had my own children, I quickly realized that simply placing a book in their hands would only result in torn  and drool filled pages .  Even reading the books to them could only keep their attention for so long.  So I did what the other responsible parents I knew were doing.  I plopped them in front of the TV and  turned on PBS. (We all know how educational that is.)

This summer, much to my amazement, the girls haven’t really been begging to watch TV as much as they have in previous years.  I’ve been astounded at how content they have been to have their noses buried in a book.  (Or on the computer, but we won’t go there) I was so proud of them for finally giving up what seems to be one of the major pastimes of our culture. 

My pride was short-lived when the reason behind this sudden lack of interest in TV was revealed.  Apparently, something had happened and we were only getting about ten (very boring) channels.  After a month or so of whining about this to their dad (They know better than to ask me to do anything technical!) Shaun finally took a look at it.  In about three minutes our electronic genius had diagnosed and resolved the problem. 

The girls were thrilled beyond belief and eagerly started flipping channels to verify that it really, truly was fixed.  I was drawn in by the giggles of my little (ish) girls and joined them on the couch.  We stayed up waaaayyy too late feasting our eyes on the likes of High School Musical 2 (It wasn’t nearly as bad as I  thought…well…OK, it was but still…) and Hannah Montana.   

It may not be the same as hanging out with Gilligan and the gang, but it is hanging out with my girls.  Life is good.


Bit O Life

Mimi embroidary 027
Mimi (who is not watching TV, but is learning to embroidery.  Buddy is there for technical assistance. 

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