The Story Behind The Blog

fun-monday-thumb.jpgLisa has us answering the question, “Why do you blog?” for this Fun Monday assignment.

So how many hits a day are you getting on your blog now” my beloved asked me last night.  I told him and he merely sighed and shook his head.  Then he looked me in the eyes and told me that I was going to have to do better as that simply wasn’t enough.  He went on to inform me that I had to attract thousands of visitors each day if he was going to be able to quit his job and live comfortably off of my blog ad earnings.  I just gave him the look that he is so familiar with.  The one that says he’s such a goofball. 

I don’t ever expect to make any money off of this little blog of mine.  (Heck I don’t even have an ad…I even find them mildly offensive).  That’s not why I started it in the first place.  I started it because, well…Shaun pestered me into it. 

A few years ago, I got a wild hair and decided to write a Christmas letter to send out with all my cards.  I was prepared to hear moans and groans because that was the standard reaction to those seasonal letters.  Instead, to my amazement, everyone raved about how wonderful they were.   (I still hear  a lot of whining is I don’t send one out nowadays)  Encouraged by this positive reaction from family and friends, I started writing little stories about what was going on in our lives.  Then I would send them out via email. 

Shaun had heard about this new thing called a “blog”.  He wanted me to start one so that everyone could just go there and see my tales.  Of course I, being the one who hates change and anything technical, claimed that  I didn’t want one of those new-fangled things.  Why mess with a good thing? Ignoring my words, my sweet husband set up a blog for me. He even posted several of my past stories on it.  Instead of falling to my knees in gratitude, I foolishly refused to  acknowledge it’s existence.

It took a while, but I finally came around and started up my own blog.  (Yes, I was still too stubborn to use the one he set up for me!) It amazes me that something that started out as a way of allowing loved ones keep tabs on our family has become such a big part of our lives.  The entire family gives me suggestions on what to write.  People that I don’t even realize are reading know everything that is going on with us.  (sometimes it’s kinda creepy!)

Blogging has opened up a wonderful door for me.  I get to practice my writing skills (such as they are), I have an online journal and as a very special bonus, I have “met “so many amazing people. 

It’s highly doubtful that I will ever be able to support my beloved with this little blog, but I think the rewards I do get from it are pretty amazing…


Bit O Life


The Pig Races at the Fair!  (More about that tomorrow)

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37 Responses to The Story Behind The Blog

  1. Carol says:

    Oh, great idea for a post! I’ve just spent the past hour planning a get-together in Germany with my readers over there… people I consider to be dear friends, even though I haven’t met them… YET! They’re actually having a party in my honor the night before I fly home! How cool is that?!

    Yeah, it’s a huge part of our lives, too. Mostly rolled eyes and someone saying, “I’ll bet she’ll BLOG this!”


  2. beccy says:

    I started blogging for the same reason, to keep in touch with my family. I never knew what it would lead to…

  3. her indoors says:

    so does he have his own blog? i have so enjoyed making new friends and would dearly love to meet them all

  4. Hootin' Anni says:

    I’m glad Shaun ‘pestered’ you!! And, you do have a great style for writing!!

    My blogging reason for posting is up….won’t you join me?

  5. Peggy says:

    Like you, I started blogging to keep in touch with my Stateside family and friends. Now I do it for the glory and awards. Perhaps one day it will be for the cash. 😉

  6. Dave says:

    It was interesting to hear how you came to blog. Like you, it gives me an apportunity to practise my writing skills.

    Take care!

  7. Lisa's Chaos says:

    My husband has (read that is) always pestered me to write more too.
    Oh those piggies are so cute!

  8. wolfbaby says:

    That cracks me up that he created the blog for you my hubs dosn’t even see mine unless i say look at what i wrote honey 🙂

  9. mrs darling says:

    Yes, Ive been known to feel that ads were mildly offensive too. And now look what Ive done. I have ads on my site! I was asked to write for a website where I would get paid and I agreed. That forced me to sign up for google ads as that is how writing for the website pays. So then that in turn led to me putting them on my blog. It really is a sad turn of affairs. 🙂

  10. Great post as usual! Love the piggies!!

  11. Jay says:

    My hits pretty much hit a ceiling and won’t go up any further. But, that’s okay, I guess. I used to worry about it, but now I only check my stats when I get the weekly report.

    I’m torn on ads. As long as they aren’t intrusive I guess I’m cool with them. At least some ads are better than setting up a paypal button for “donations”.

  12. Robin says:

    I don’t think I anticipated forming a real community when I began blogging…that has been a surprising nicety :). I told my husband last night, I spew some things on my blog I’d never speak in general (mainly because no one would be around when I had “that thought”). It’s great practice for organizing your thoughts…and I love having a place to “park” my ideas.

  13. Karina says:

    Great post! I’m actually very jealous (in a good way jealous), of anyone who’s family and friends read their blogs. I can’t get mine to do it (with the exception of one cousin), and I really wish they would.

    Oh well, it won’t stop me from doing it, that’s for sure!

  14. Susan says:

    Carol~That is SO cool that you get to meet everyone.

    Beccy~it’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

    Her Indoors~He started one last summer to document his roadtrip. But it didn’t really go beyond that. It’s still out there, but we made it private as he was getting so much spam on it.

    Hootin Annie~Thanks!

    Peggy~And such wonderful glory it is!!

    Hi Dave~It keeps me out of trouble (usually) if nothing else.

    Lisa~it always puzzles me that he’d rather read about it than hear it. Maybe it has something to do with my habbit of “embellishment”?

    Mrs. D and Jay~I’m not opposed to ads in general. A quiet, well placed ad is ok. It’s those blogs that are so plastered with them that you can barely see the content. THOSE annoy me to no end.

    If I ever chose to have ads, I’d have to move as WP frowns on them.

    Songbird~they were SOO cute!

    Robin~it’s pretty amazing…

    Karina~Shaun nags me if I take too long between posts. It’s never ending….sigh. 😀

  15. Steffi says:

    Very interesting post.I have a blog too …

  16. Karmyn R says:

    hee hee – not very many people can claim that their spouse set up their blog for them. Most spouses detest the time it takes their beloveds away! (Mine included!)

  17. renate1945 says:

    I’m still struggling qith whether or not to let anyone know I have this blog. There is the whole privacy issue and I also don’t want to feel that I have to censor what I write. Also, the last few days I have considered stopping doing the blog. I just can’t seem to come with anything interesting to say and I’m sure that the whole construction thing we have going on is interesting only to me.

  18. chrisb says:

    I started for the very same reasons as you as my daughter (beccy) has already commented. Now I woulkd have jumped at the chance for someone else to set things up for me. I was guifded by my other daughter (Sam) but I’m glad I learned to do things by myself, it’s very satisfying, and flattering when others pick up on your ideas.

  19. Tink says:

    Kuddos to anyone who can live off their blog. The ads drive me crazy too, but I think it’s cool that you can make money off of something you love to do. The people I dislike are the ones who start a blog for the sole purpose of making money.

  20. Willowtree says:

    I used to send out those yearly letters too, but I made them look like a local newspaper for fun (pictures and all). Never really though about people not liking technology and having to deal with it, being the technophile that I am, I actually enjoy that aspect of blogging.

  21. That’s a lovely story! Your stubbornness made me smile.

  22. Joy T. says:

    Wow what a guy for setting you up with a blog. I laughed at your stubbornness part LOL I’ve enjoyed finding your blog through Fun Monday and ‘lurk’ quite often. Yes I’m one of those horrible lurkers :o) Can’t wait to read about those cute piglets!

  23. gawilli says:

    I am reluctant to admit that I don’t even notice the ads. Rarely do I even look in the sidebar. I just head right to the meat of it! That’s why I don’t watch much television also.

    That’s neat that Shaun got you started. Willi is supportive too. Especially during football season. Ha!

  24. Robocop says:

    It’s about the fun.

  25. Dorky Dad says:

    I blog because that’s what the voices in my head told me to do.

    And I think blogging, or good blogging, requires a supportive spouse. It at least helps!

  26. Michelle says:

    I love your writing! You have such a wonderful of expressing yourself without getting all high-brow by using fancy language n’ such. Just every day talk.

    Excellent post.

  27. Lynne says:

    I started too for family and friends to keep in touch with what was going on in my life. Those people never leave a comment on my blog although I know they read it!

    I hate people that try to make money off their blog. Our start little stores, etc. Do they really make anything????

  28. Cheryl says:

    What a well written response to why you blog. You’ve inspired me to explore that thought because I’m often asked, but don’t have a great answer. Like you.

  29. photowannabe says:

    Love reading your blog though I don’t always comment. You have such a passionate way with words. That makes it fun to read.
    My blogging is mostly photographs and I love the interaction with people from all over the world.

  30. JennieBoo says:

    I enjoy your “little” blog. Expressing oneself, venting, etc. are what blogs are all about!

    Tell hubby to be happy you’re getting the hits you are!

    Happy week!

  31. Kari says:

    DITTO! I started my blog because my aunt had started one – I loved reading hers and she told me I should start one of my own. Then I REALLY started having fun with it so I sent out an e-mail to everybody and their brother (okay – actually it was just to the people in my e-mail address book, but you know what I mean) telling them that if they wanted to know what was going on with us, to check my blog. And before I knew it, I had limited myself on what I could blog about! lol just kidding. But I do have to remind myself that my husband’s friends from work probably don’t want to hear too much about my menopause or my empty nest stuff, etc. Not that that has stopped me from blogging about it. lol My favorite moment was when my husband’s step-father told me that he really hoped I was doing better with my menopause. Well now. What do you say to that? Besides “uhhhhh. thanks”? But blogging has really allowed me to interact with way more people than I’ve been able to these past few years! I’m so grateful for that! (You’d think – as “long winded” as I am with my comments and my blogging that it would also help to improve my typing skills, but alas…that hasn’t been the case.) Guess I’ll just have to keep blogging and hope I get better eventually!

  32. Swamp Witch says:

    Amazing the ‘community of friends’ this has started.
    Love the pigs…never try to teach one to sing. It is a waste of your time and only annoys the pig.

  33. pamela says:

    I have found that i don’t like reading blogs with ads all over them.

    If I want to do that I’ll buy a magazine.

    Keep writing…

  34. Jocelyn says:

    Yea, and like you could put a photo of the pigs at the fair in your Christmas letter without people protesting.

    You need the blog for such stuff.

    It’s the perfect outlet for you. We luvsss you.

  35. Susan says:

    Thanks everyone!!!

  36. Patsy says:

    You stubborn? I would never have guessed! You were writing little stories ever since you could form a sentence on paper.

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