First Day Jitters

Our little Mimi, for unknown reasons, has always had a hard day on the first day of school.  This year was no exception.  Despite her declaration that she was going to go to bed at five last night, she didn’t manage to drift off to sleep until quite late.  We had to talk and reassure her that everything would be fine on her first day.  We told her over and over how she would find her classes, her teachers would be great (or at least tolerable) and she would make new friends easily.  (she had made the decision to part ways with her good friends from last year.  Which is a good thing.)

This morning, when I got up even before the Crack of  Dawn, Mimi was already awake and getting ready.  She had already fussed with her hair, put on one of the outfits she has already set out for the week and was busy painting her nails.  This too, is no exception to Mimi’s back to school quirks.  


The morning  the Mimi was to start first grade she appeared by the side of my bed all ready to go to school.  She was fully dressed, had done all of her chores  and was ready to go to school.   I was very proud of her…except for the fact that it was three in the morning. 

I did my best to lure her back to bed.  No matter what I did or said, she simply refused.  In desperation, my sleep addled brain turned to the Calvary.  Shaun managed to figure out that Mimi didn’t want to go back to bed because she had already made it.  After he promised to make it for her later on, she curled back into bed until it was a slightly more civil hour. 

Of course, when Mimi got home from school today, she was chattering away about all of her classes and her friends.  Some things never change. 

first day mimi  firstday kt

Here are some of the worst First Day of School pictures ever.  I’m just not my best in the wee hours of the morning! 


Bit O Life

first day jeans

Back to School always means shopping.  Shopping always means hemming the jeans.  Mimi decided to climb up on a stool to get the proper length.  Too bad I don’t have a shot of her trying to balance in the heels that she’s not allowed to wear!

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15 Responses to First Day Jitters

  1. Mimi is one color coordinated chick! I wish I could stand on a stool like that. I’m sure if I did either the stool or I would break! And I don’t think the first day of school pictures are bad. You have two beautiful daughters so you really can’t go wrong!

  2. Dorky Dad says:

    I am the exact same way. Whenever I’m nervous about something, I can’t sleep the night before, and I end up getting about two hours of sleep. That happened when I went skydiving.

  3. Stephanie says:

    How lucky are you to have such an organized daughter?? She has picked out a whole weeks worth of outfits?? Heck….I could take a few pointers from her!!!

    THey both look super cute for their first day….and don’t I know how much of a killer that early time of day is. I get up and make Kyrin’s lunch for her everyday…I don’t know what I’ve packed half the time! LOL!!!

  4. Cazzie says:

    So there are no school unifroms for her there? I did not have a uniform in primary school but I did in high school. Now, the primary school does have a uniform and it is so much easier than cleaning the kids’ casual clothes and less expensive too 🙂
    She is so lovely looking, you must be poud.
    Haha at 3am…I reckon my MIa will do this when she begins school in January next year.

  5. Mojokat says:

    Your girls look great! I remember my first days of school, I was always nervous about them, but never so organized….well, except for my backpack…I always had that ready to go days(weeks) ahead of time!

    Weird confession of the week…I miss shopping for back to school supplies…notebooks, pens, pencils, etc…I’m strange like that, but I don’t miss going to school at all!

  6. giveitatry says:

    The anticipation of the first day of school can be hard.

    I love the feet picture!

  7. Tink says:

    She’d already made her bed! What a good little kid. I don’t think I made a bed until I was a teen and my Mom FORCED me because we were having company.

  8. photowannabe says:

    First day jitters is the name of the game. At least she is organized and ready to meet the world, even if it can be way too early.
    If she was chattering when she came home, that’s a good sign of a good day.
    Fun story and the feet pic, is super.

  9. Jay says:

    The first day of school was the only day that I was up early and ready to go all year long.

    And I hated having to have my jeans hemmed. It was just torture standing there having mom pin them. Especially since mom and I could agree on where the hem should be. LOL

  10. Becca says:

    I was so going to say she HAD to pick the top on the right. THat pinky purple just looked perfect for the first day. And she wore it! They girls look adorable.

    For some bizzaro reason I still have nightmares about the first day of school and this year my high school reunion is for more years than your daughters are old. So, if she’s like me the first day jitters might never end 🙂

  11. Frances says:

    What adorable tootsies!
    Great outfits.
    It’s nice to see a kid who really wants to get back to school.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. misti says:

    Wow, back to school jitters! Been so long! What grade is she going into?

  13. Callista says:

    Wow! As I was rading your post I was envisioning someone in early grade school! I wasn’t expecting a teenager. I mean I was nervous about high school too but not that bad. That first grade story was cute.

    Tink.. you had to make your bed before company? Did they go into your room?

  14. awriterinthedesert says:

    This story brought me back to all those first days in our house, and I’m envious you’ve still got them going on. My oldest daughter is 27, she’s a special needs teacher at a school for physically and mentally impaired children, and they had their first day back to school last week. She of course doesn’t have the jitters anymore like Mimi (although we certainly had our share of that) but the First Day excitement is still very much there. She called me after that first day back and we talked for an hour about school. First Days will always be exciting, no matter how old you get.

  15. Andrea says:

    Just love this photo holding the hangers up with clothing choices. For some reason her holding it in her mouth reminded me of my mom. I guess she was always needing three hands, so sometimes had to hold a safety pin or bobby pin or something between her teeth! 😉 Sounds like a fun time in your household.

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