First Day Jitters

Our little Mimi, for unknown reasons, has always had a hard day on the first day of school.  This year was no exception.  Despite her declaration that she was going to go to bed at five last night, she didn’t manage to drift off to sleep until quite late.  We had to talk and reassure her that everything would be fine on her first day.  We told her over and over how she would find her classes, her teachers would be great (or at least tolerable) and she would make new friends easily.  (she had made the decision to part ways with her good friends from last year.  Which is a good thing.)

This morning, when I got up even before the Crack of  Dawn, Mimi was already awake and getting ready.  She had already fussed with her hair, put on one of the outfits she has already set out for the week and was busy painting her nails.  This too, is no exception to Mimi’s back to school quirks.  


The morning  the Mimi was to start first grade she appeared by the side of my bed all ready to go to school.  She was fully dressed, had done all of her chores  and was ready to go to school.   I was very proud of her…except for the fact that it was three in the morning. 

I did my best to lure her back to bed.  No matter what I did or said, she simply refused.  In desperation, my sleep addled brain turned to the Calvary.  Shaun managed to figure out that Mimi didn’t want to go back to bed because she had already made it.  After he promised to make it for her later on, she curled back into bed until it was a slightly more civil hour. 

Of course, when Mimi got home from school today, she was chattering away about all of her classes and her friends.  Some things never change. 

first day mimi  firstday kt

Here are some of the worst First Day of School pictures ever.  I’m just not my best in the wee hours of the morning! 


Bit O Life

first day jeans

Back to School always means shopping.  Shopping always means hemming the jeans.  Mimi decided to climb up on a stool to get the proper length.  Too bad I don’t have a shot of her trying to balance in the heels that she’s not allowed to wear!

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