Fun Monday~Artsy Fartsy

I just realized that it noon and I haven’t blogged anything.  Not that I have to blog with any regularity or anything like that.  It’s just that if I’ve committed to Fun Monday, so I really should do that.

ANYWAYS,  today’s hostess, Sayre wants to see our art work.  Actually she wants to see what every member in the family chooses as their favorite piece…and photos don’t count.  Since nobody is here right now, I’m going to decide their favorites for them! (Isn’t that nice of me?)

Looking around in KT’s room, I see sea life and Disney Princesses.  I’m sure this wouldn’t be considered her very favorite, but I think it sums up her.   

artsy fartsy kt15 

Mimi likes to create her own artwork.  So, I’m going to guess that her favorites are (or maybe they are my favorites) this hand painted sun

artsy fartsymimi sun 020

and her abstract flower

artsy fartsymimi painting 021

Shaun’s office has all sorts of wonderful delights to choose from. I choose this brass unicorn that he’s had since before I met him. 

artsy fartsy unicorn030

And this…um…thing.  (I think it may be a turkey?)

artsy fartsy thing032

As for me…well, I don’t think I’m allowed to choose for myself!!!

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