Good Deeds

This is supposed to be the Good Deeds edition of Fun Monday.  (That I may have forgotten all about)  Only it’s not quite coming out in complete sentences and my spell check is having a grand ol’  time.

My lesson learned today is that I’m no longer a spring chicken.  I can’t handle staying up until 1:30 and expect to be able to function when I get up three and a half hours later.  I’m taking a nap. 

You can check back for  my post in a couple hours.

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0 Responses to Good Deeds

  1. giveitatry says:

    Too funny! You’re no longer a spring chicken…

  2. Lisa's Chaos says:

    I’ll be back after your nap – said in a whisper so I don’t wake you.

  3. Kell says:

    You’re too funny. I’ll check in later.

  4. Jay says:

    I think I’ll just go and take a nap too. The power of suggestion it too much for me to overcome.

  5. Karina says:

    I could use a nap too, unfortunately, I don’t think my boss would approve if I were to put my head down on my desk and take one! 😉

  6. Kiraa says:

    My cats kept me up most of last night fuh-reaking out about the WINDOW! FOR IT IS OPEN! OH MY GOODNESS!

    I totally feel you right now. Nap sounds good.

  7. Marla says:

    LOL…..enjoy your nap 🙂

  8. JennieBoo says:

    Hey! Beauty sleep is no laughing matter! You have to get it and so do I!! # hours is just not enough.

    Hope you had sweet dreams!

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