Good Deeds~The Awake Version

Nikki at  Antics of a Crazy Mom has asked to go out and do some good deeds and then tell everyone what you did.  This is a great idea for those who rarely do good deeds, but I’m always doing good deeds.  That’s just the way I am, I think it must be in my blood.  Why this morning alone I put out a fire while the firemen were busy rescuing a kitten, saved yet some more fools that got stuck up on Mt Rainier,  helped a little old lady cross the street and chased away the pack of Boy Scouts that was trying to drag her the other direction. 

So I’m sure you can understand why I don’t really care to brag about what I have done to be helpful in the world.  Although…there is one Good Deed that I am particularly proud of.  This week, I did not throttle my husband. Aren’t you proud of me too?

Last week, Shaun finished up the project he was working on and found that he could take some unexpected vacation time.  Because he has been working so much for the past few years, he has lots of time piled up.  So, the week that the girls went back to school, Shaun started his three week vacation.  (Of course I’m ecstatic to have him home, under my feet right after I shoo off the girls.  I’m ecstatic. Three. Whole. Weeks.

Now don’t get me wrong, Shaun and I love each other deeply, but we are very independent people.  We each are at our best when we have had some “alone time”.   At the very beginning of his vacation, Shaun made it a point to gently stress that he didn’t want to spend all of his time doing stuff with me.  (The girls would be in school so that wasn’t really an option)  He told me he loved me but he just needed to unwind and be by himself.  I heard this over and over until I finally had to break down and tell him that maybe, it might possibly, not have been quite true that I was ecstatic that when he told me he would be staying home.  

Last week actually quite nice.  We each did our own thing.  Only Shaun would get lonely and come find me to talk.  I’d like to consider this sweet and considerate, but the reality is that he was annoying me.  And he knew it.  In fact, he has been doing it on purpose.   He thinks pestering me  is great fun.  I think that he should go jump in the Big Orange Jeep and go have a different type of fun.

That way, I won’t be forced to throttle him and have my Good Deed taken away from me…


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