How Hungry Are You?

Lisa at The Food Snob wants to know what our favorite recipe is and why we like it so much.  Hmmm….does this imply that we actually are supposed to cook it? (And cook it well?)  Let’s see…I can cook a mean pot of beans that people go crazy for.  I can bake and decorate some really pretty cakes.  Ummm…oatmeal, I’m pretty good at oatmeal. 

Sadly, the gourmet cooking gene doesn’t seem to run very strong in my family.  I used to think I was a pretty good cook. (After all, my mother taught me everything I know) That was until I started cooking for Shaun. When we were first married he told me how wonderful everything I prepared was and wolfed it all down appreciatively. (And I have to admit that sometimes it was so bad that even I couldn’t manage to choke it down) I knew the honeymoon was over when he gently told me how he really felt about my cooking…

Over the years, I’ve managed to come up with some meals that everybody loved.  They usually centered around some sort of meat, usually chicken.  Then, about two years ago, my children decided that they were going to be vegetarians.  Being the supportive mother that I am, I slowly adapted to non-meat meals. 

A few months ago, my oldest decided that she would take her commitment to not eat other creatures a step further.  She became vegan.  My child’s food choices have forced me to really look at what we are eating.  Sigh…do you have any idea at all of what they put in our prepared foods?  I may learn to cook yet!

So…instead of giving you a recipe for “Tofu Delight”, I present you with this highly acclaimed vegan banana bread recipe.  Technically, I can’t tell you how awesome it is, because…well…I haven’t actually made it yet.  I’ll let you know!

I’m hereby declaring this “Cooking with Susie” week.   I will post something everyday about cooking.  Unless of course I get sidetracked….or forget.  (I can pretty much promise you it’s not going to be about mouth watering recipes!)


Bit O Life


Our little Ninja Warrior.  (photo by Shaun)

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