Not Exactly the Best Morning

It’s a well documented fact that the first day of school is always going to go smoothly in our house.  Everyone gets up early with excitement, chores are done swiftly and everyone is out the door on time. 

On the other hand, the second day of school, is a whole different story.  I woke up to the sound of a dog whining to go outside.  As I stumbled to let it out, I happened to glance at the clock only to realize that we had overslept.  (It’s not my poor alarm clock’s fault, she had tried her hardest!) I quickly woke KT up and headed towards the kitchen. 

As I picked up my coffee pot, it occurred the me that it felt a little funny.  I merely shrugged as I needed the caffeine too much to worry about it and just poured the fragrant brew into my mug.  As I took that first wonderful sip, I spit it back out in disgust when I found  that my freshly brewed coffee was ice cold.  My sleep addled brain simply couldn’t  figure  out what was wrong.  Finally, it dawned on me that when I had set my coffeepot up last night, I had managed to forget the all important task of adding the water.  Sigh…

Coffee-less and looking scruffy,  I drove KT down to her bus stop as she didn’t have enough time to walk.  One down, one to go.   I returned home and got to work trying to wake up the bear Mimi and get her moving.   This is never an easy task, but her lack of sleep made it even more difficult this morning. 

About the time that I was finally convinced that she was actually going to stay awake, the phone rang.   It was KT, nearly in tears because she had forgotten her viola in her rush to get to school.  I agreed to bring her  instrument right away so that she could collect it before school started.  I should have made it in plenty of time, but what I didn’t count on was all the traffic.  (No doubt all parents bringing stuff to their kids…who else would be wandering around at the Crack of Dawn).

The bell was ready to ring and KT pleaded with me to bring the viola into the music room.  Something that I normally wouldn’t mind doing, but this morning was a little bit different.  Not only had I not yet had a chance to shower, I had barely taken time to dress properly.  I had thrown on yesterday’s dirty clothes  that I had grabbed from the hamper(not even taking the time to bother with a bra) and had quickly run a brush through my fly-away hair.  I hadn’t planned on even getting out of the car…and now she wanted me to go into the music building?  The things I do for that kid…  Fortunately, only one person, a teacher that I will never see again, saw me.  We even spoke.  The whole time I was trying to melt into the floor and calling myself Mrs. Doe. 

As I finally managed to slink away, my cell phone started to ring.  It was Mimi.  She was on the bus and had just realized that she had forgotten to bring her violin.  Naturally she wanted me to bring it to her…


Bit O Life


I always crack up at KT’s need to organize things.  This how she organized everything we were getting ready to purchase at Target.  She doesn’t get that from me!

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